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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A little concern and a whole lot of cleaning

Starting the day by taking out all of the dogs for their morning break is nothing unusual, finding out that a certain few need to go in special yards for their surgery is. Typically you don't see to many animals with the dreaded cones on but today there were three. Not paying attention to much to the dogs I focussed on cleaning and getting all of the dogs fed and back in their kennels.

Once all of the dogs were up I noticed that our little huskie mix had taken off her cone while in the yard. I was able to get it back on and never paid any attention to it. Ten minutes later I had a volunteer come and tell me that she had taken it off again and was licking her spay site. The bigger concern is that there was some blood. I immediately ran back and grabbed her, I noticed it wasn't a complete emergency but it certainly needed some attention. I brought her back to the medical staff where without hesitation they handled the problem by wrapping a pressure bandage around the dog's waist. The kept her in the office to monitor her and felt she might need a "slumber party" at the vets office just to make sure nothing goes wrong. I have to say that I am glad our med staff can keep their cool because I sure wasn't.

After the excitement it was back to cleaning. We had a full staff today so we all wanted to knock everything out that has been slacked on earlier in the week. We were able to almost entirely catch up on laundry and cleaned a good portion of all of the crates. Of course there is always more to do and hopefully later in the week we can get everything done.

Along with all of the cleaning today I helped our behaviorist introduce our new dog who suffers from separation anxiety with another dog. Recently we have had some fears with the new guy and dogs but we also feel that without the interaction this under socialized dog is going to have a tough time adjusting to shelter life. Luckily the dog that we introduced him to was very tolerant and quick on her toes. Of course our new guy tried a whole lot of mounting but he also would roll on his back and take direction well. Hopefully he will continue to progress and eventually will settle down and become the highly adoptable animal that he can be. Here is a picture of the two drinking out of the hose after a good run around one of the yards.

Even though I didn't have any showings today I was feel like a lot got accomplished. We took care of a lot of necessary cleaning and we also found a new friend for our new arrival. I also learned that we had an adoption which is icing on any cake. Hopefully more animals can find their forever homes this week because after all, that is why we are here. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments.

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