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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finishing with a bang

Today, as every other, began with cleaning. I was actually surprised that it wasn't extremely messy but it still took up a good portion of the morning to get everything done. I started out taking care of the East and West dogs which includes those on quarantine still because they are part of our second chance program. What that means is that you have to clean in a very particular order to do your best in trying to avoid cross contamination.

Once the dogs were all done and back in their kennels with some breakfast I headed over to the rabbitat to make sure all of the bunnies were taken care of. I have to say it was quite a bit easier today handling the furry little guys after the pointers I got from our resident expert. I learned the best way to approach them, how to calm them down, how to read their body language, and most importantly how not to get bit.

After all of the cleaning and the "daily do's" out of the way I decided to spend some time with a dog, not only to help them out but to give me a nice relaxing break as well. The dog I decided to hang out with was our new arrival that I mentioned yesterday. He is a sweet guy that is probably the craziest door dasher and humper I have every come across at the shelter. I did learn quickly that once he settles down and if you are patient with him he can be a very sweet and caring boy. He ended up just plopping down next to me on his bed and getting his belly rubbed the entire time I was with him. Mind you it did take a lot of my leg getting humped to get to that point but it's good to see that he can actually calm down.

Of course I couldn't forget my favorite part of Monday's, poop buckets. If that didn't come across as sarcastic I'll have to work on my syntax. Anyways, since we were short handed I found myself doing this task alone, not that it's that bad but to be honest it can get pretty nasty. Luckily we weren't to busy at this time so I was able to get it finished in one attempt.

Being short handed I was surprised that we were able to get everything done in a timely fashion today. That was of course until the late afternoon when an influx of adopters decided to head our way. Before I knew it I was in two showings at once and having to explain to a couple about having the dog they were looking at spayed this week and how that will affect the dog's pregnancy. Not an easy topic to discuss but luckily I came armed with some good reasoning from our med staff and the potential adopters understood. They still wanted to think about it since it was such a big decision but they would check back tomorrow.

While all of this was going on I had another couple that had been in a few times in the past including yesterday back to check out a dog. After a whole lot of time and interaction they decided that she was the one. They seemed genuinely happy with their decision and were looking forward to taking their new addition home soon. They even asked if they can come visit until she has her spay. That I always like to hear.

Of course while all of this is going on there is also another dog adoption as well as a cat. Kind of a busy afternoon with only three kennel staff members handling everything. In any case it was a great way to finish the day and if needed I am sure that any one of us would have stayed late to make sure the adoptions went well.

I couldn't forget to add a picture today, so up top is a blurry picture of Taxi, a spaniel mix with, of course, a huge underbite. I have to say this entire group of second chance dogs has nothing but sweethearts in it. I know that with a little more time all of them will find their forever homes. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments.

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