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Monday, September 28, 2009

As usual, some new faces and a few adoptions while I was gone

No matter how long I have been doing this, and it feels like a very long time, it is always a surprise when I go back to work after having a few days off. When I came into work today the first thing I did was check to board to see who had been adopted. To my surprise there was more cats than dogs. That was before I actually went out to the kennels and saw the number of adopted signs that were up on the dog kennels. See, we actually don't add animals to the board unless they actually go home, and since we have so many guys that are in need of their spay and neuter that when they get adopted they still stay at the shelter until the surgery is done.

Of course for every dog that gets adopted there is another one waiting to get into the shelter. We had three more relinquishments that were new to me today. Two were some cute little fuzzy lhasa mixes that I am sure will find homes very quickly. The other is a lab mix (maybe some pit) that might be at the shelter a little while longer. You know you have to prepare yourself for the worst when the behaviorist said she didn't know what she was thinking when she took in the animal.

When I first met him I understood. When I went up to the kennel I got a nice low growl that certainly made my cheeks pucker a bit. Then I heard how much he is attracted to legs, like death grip humping. Even with all of this you have to remain optimistic because the poor guy just lost his home and was thrown into this horribly stressful environment. I was glad to see after working with him for a little while that he did settle down and really mellow out. Goes to show you that not only can you not judge a book by it's cover, you need to be able to take a step back here at the shelter and realize no matter how good of a shelter it is, it's still a stressful situation for the animals. I hope that the little guy adapts well and gets adopted sooner than later because it just breaks my heart seeing him clinging to people because he is so nervous.

My first showing of the day was a good one. It was with a family of four that had actually seen a few of our dogs at an event today. From their profile it seemed like a perfect home for one of our animals, it just needed to be the right animal. After asking a few questions, and me being asked a lot, we decided it was time to go and visit Ruca, a sweet collie mix that had been relinquished about three weeks ago. The showing went very well and the family asking all of the right questions. After a good while the father and mother decided to talk about it because it was such a big decision. They then asked me if they should go and check out some other shelters because they didn't want to rush into anything. I told them that Ruca wouldn't be adopted for the rest of the afternoon and to go and check out some other shelters to make sure that she was the one. After a few moments of silence the father spoke up and said he didn't need to, she WAS THE ONE. A great family getting a great dog, that is why I do this.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. I had one more showing that if it pans out I will tell you about it tomorrow. Other than that I just rode the cloud that I was on from the other adoption, that and the news that Lilly, another one of our larger dogs, had gotten adopted as well. I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of working weekends, but it's when the most adoptions take place and boy do I like being a part of them. Thanks for reading as always, and if you're not following us through google or Facebook I would certainly appreciate it.

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