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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A whole lot of nothing, then some new dogs

Mondays for me have become a day of getting stuff done, and when I say getting stuff done what I really mean is a whole lot of busy work. As usual I started my morning out with taking the dogs down for their morning break. Once they were all out it was time to get to cleaning. Not sure what was in the water yesterday but today the kennels seemed especially dirty, and for some odd reason just about every dog walked right through their own mess and ether spread it around the kennels or actually got it on me when I would enter.

After washing up and getting the dogs fed and back in their kennels it was time to team up and take care of the rabbits. It was nice today since one of the volunteers had taken out several of the bunnies to their run to cleaning their cages took no time whatsoever. Once again I have to thank the volunteers that spend so much time with the animals and really do make a difference at the shelter.

With so little showings today the time was dedicated more to disinfecting and getting the kennels ready for the ten new arrivals that would be coming in from another shelter. To prepare for the new guys we have to sanitize the four break yards that they will be using along with the kennels. Once that is all done it's time to make them comfortable by putting beds, blankets, and toys in the kennels according to the size of the dog.

Now that we were ready for our new arrivals it was time to get back to cleaning. I got asked to check on the dryer since it was over heating again and after a few buttons pushed and some lint cleaned up it was back to working. Along with the laundry today our focus was the poop buckets. To my surprise they were almost done by the time I made it down to the yards and all I had to do was get two of them and take them to the dumpster, the glamorous part of my day.

Soon after the new guys arrived. I was not surprised to see a good number of them looked the same as most do from that particular shelter. There were a few that stood out though, one was a German shepherd mix that was absolutely beautiful. The thing that really stood out to me was that all of these dogs seemed very friendly and outgoing, in fact our behaviorist said "this group might be the best one yet". Before she could finish though I told her to bite her tongue and not jinx it, hopefully she's right though and all of the dogs will find homes very quickly.

The rest of the day was dedicated to getting the guys fed and of course taking them all out for their afternoon break. I have to say I am once again thankful for the volunteers that come in and spend so much time with the animals giving that human contact that they need. Even though what we do is very rewarding I have to say I miss being a volunteer and getting that "quality" time with the animals.

Sorry for no pictures today, I will get some of the new guys tomorrow and be sure to send them your way. As always thanks for reading and remember to spread the word about what good work animal shelters do. The more people that are educated the more our mission can succeed.

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