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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I like to see patient young adopters

I won't bore you with to many details about cleaning, just know that I was able to sign up for the South side dogs first but that didn't mean that it was any easier. For some reason there wasn't that much poop, but what there was the dog's paws seemed to be drawn to it. Needless to say I washed my hands, arms, and pant legs several times after cleaning.

Once the pile of laundry dwindled (minutely), the dishes were washed and the garbage taken out it was time for a quick break because there was a lot more cleaning to be had. Today's weekly cleaning included washing the cattery windows as well as disinfecting the visitation room that has been home to two allergy prone cats that finally found a new home. When I say disinfecting too, I mean getting down and dirty when it comes to scrubbing, mopping, and more scrubbing. Luckily there was two of us to knock it out and make sure the job got done correctly.

After the cleaning I thought it would be a nice slow afternoon with lots of time to spend with some animals. Boy was I wrong, that's just when things got started. It seemed the radio never shut off with calls from the front office from everything from showings, phone calls, and of course visits for adopted dogs that are still in our care.

I helped out one of our adopters, a very nice gentleman that has come to visit his new dog everyday since he was adopted. Once that was done it was on to the showings. My first was with a young couple that I had met earlier in the week that had an interest in two cocker spaniel puppies that became available today. Unfortunately there were a few hitches with that, for one there was a family that was looking at the puppies first and second there were a few discrepancies when it came to the owner's relinquishment files. Luckily the couple was understanding and I showed them a few more options that might work. They first met with a sweet little chihuahua mix that loves her toys. They liked her but felt that it wasn't perfect. After talking to them for a while they understood how big of a decision this was and that they both have to be in agreement when it comes to their new family member. They did like some of the new second chance dogs that came in yesterday and will check back on Saturday to see if they might be a good fit.

Of course my next showing was a lot of the same. A young couple with a young child that needed that perfect fit for a new addition for the family. The initial dog that they wanted to look at was certainly not the perfect fit. They were going more on size than actual personality. They understood and said that they, like the previous showing, would wait for the new guys to be available. Seems like Saturday is going to be a pretty hectic day.

With the day coming to an end I learned that Tito, a little mix second chance dog I had done a showing with several times in the past week got adopted. It was good to see that someone, after three trips, had the patience to know exactly what they were getting themselves into and that it was the perfect fit.

After all of this, I am going home today knowing that no adoptions were rushed today and talking to people can be very rewarding. Not only did I find out what these people were looking for in a new pet I was able to help them understand not to rush into anything. There are so many dogs out there waiting for a new home that there is no reason not to "shop" around. I feel that every dog here is highly adoptable and I an certainly not pushing certain dogs over others but I also feel that for every dog there is that perfect family, it's just a matter of being patient enough for them to find each other. Thanks for reading everyone and remember how many good animals are in shelters that we know what their behaviors are and what homes would be ideal for them.

Oh yeah, the picture up top is Mindy the chihuahua I did a showing with. She actually was able to find a spot to bury her bear in fake grass. Has to make you smile.

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