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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New faces and more new faces

Since the holiday weekend I certainly had a few days off for myself. That didn't mean however that there were no adoptions, in fact the opposite is true. Of the ten animals that were adopted Friday and Saturday two in particular stood out to me. For one they had been in the shelter for quite some time and two I had certainly grown attached, as did everyone else, to the sweet little guys. The dogs that I am talking about were Andy and Nikkie.

Nikkie ended up going home with a wonderful woman and her two granddaughters. It was nice because she was looking for an older dog (Nikkie being ten) and once she heard his tough story she was hooked. Andy on the other hand was an interesting story. It was a young couple with two small children and in their profile it said that they were looking for a small couch potato of a dog but had initially wanted to see a dog named Shaq. Once they realized that Shaq wasn't the best fit they were suggested over to Andy the basset hound mix. Immediately they fell in love laying with him in the grass. It turns out this was their fifth shelter today and told the adoption counselor that it was well worth the search. Another adoption and another great adoption story that makes it all worth while.

On to today. One of those days if you ask me. It started as usual but half way through cleaning I learned that we were going to be short handed. What that meant was more cleaning and not enough time to do everything. It was especially tough because of the holiday yesterday and having to catch up on a few things that didn't get done then as well.

Once all of the laundry was started, the garbage taken out, and the dishes soaked I moved on to doing the poop buckets. I'm sure I have mentioned how nasty it is to do these but at least it is a little time to one self. No one seems to bother you when you are hauling a wagon full of poo around the yards and if there is a radio call you merely tell them what you're doing and they leave you alone.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful until it came close to time for me to head home. Our behaviorist had taken a trip to a nearby shelter to see if there were any animals she could get for our second chance program. It was pretty funny when she arrived singing a Spanish song because nine out of the eleven dogs turned out to be chihuahuas. The nice part is that every single one of them looked completely different from the other. Even their colors were all different ranging from faun to brindle. Here is a picture of the little brindle guy below. I do have to mention that she did bring in a beautiful Huskie mix that I am sure will be adopted the moment that she becomes available.

Even though my day today was focused on cleaning and pretty much picking up the slack of others it still put a smile on my face to see the number of adoptions that have taken place recently. No matter how bad of a day you have or what kind of mood you're in, when you think about helping these animals it really does give you an unbelievable feeling. Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to your comments. Oh yeah, I couldn't forget the picture of the sleeping kittens, one is even Wall-E, the one that was five days old when he was found in a wall. He has put on some weight and has had an easy time adjusting because of the great foster that has been taking care of him.

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