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Friday, March 19, 2010

Trying to keep busy

My day at customer service is typically spent finalizing adoptions and sending animals home, today, not so much. Since a good number of animals aren't yet available the amount that had surgery this past week was very limited meaning that only one dog would be going home today.
What that means for me is that I can get all of the busy work of the front desk done but it also makes for a very long day.

Believe it or not the first thing I did at the front desk today was liquid sand the cabinets. I know it sounds a little odd but I figured since I had time and it needed to get done I might as well knock it out. Since we had already painted everything else I was glad to get it out of the way. I have to say though, if you ever decided to do this make sure there is some good ventilation.

Moving on with the day it was a whole lot of answering phones. It never seises to amaze me how many people call for the most random things you could ever think of. I had one call today where a man began explaining that his neighbors, in a duplex, had just moved out and had been dealing with mice quite frequently. Since I couldn't get a word in I just let him continue, he said that since they moved out the mice are now starting to make their way to his home. Today he actually caught one fairly easily because the rodent was very lethargic. He wanted to know why the animal was like that. Rather than listen to me tell him to call pest control I finally said that the animal might have gotten into some poison left behind from his neighbors. The caller than said, "what about the plague?". I honestly had to use all of my self control not to laugh. Once I composed myself I reiterated that he should call pest control. Not sure why people think that we could help with that situation but at least it wasn't a phone call of a person trying to get rid of their twenty two rabbits.

Towards the afternoon it was finally time to send the one adopted dog home. His owner came in and you could tell how excited she was. It was so nice to see the smile that this dog brought to her face. Even thought today was pretty boring, which isn't a bad thing, it was nice to see one of our guys find their forever home.

Recapping the day there wasn't anything to crazy that took place, and after this week, I am content with that. I was able to make a schedule for April and of course answer some always interesting phone calls. I do wish that there had been more showings and of course a few more adoptions but at least no animals came back. Thanks for reading everyone and hopefully my day in medical with be a little more exciting than liquid sand paper!

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  1. oh no poor mouse! what was the guy going to do with the mouse he caught? i wonder if its ok to keep that mouse as a pet.. i kept a baby rat that a friend found in a public toilet once.. yeah i know, sounds disgusting.. but really after a few weeks of eating oat clusters and chocolate he looked terrific and his fur was so shiny and clean. i did not get the plague :)


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