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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hoping for the best

Coming in to work today I have to acknowledge that my attitude wasn't exactly the best one I could have had. After las week and the events that took place all I was hoping for today was a day that I could keep my head down busy with work.

The day started as such, busy cleaning because of our new eleven arrivals that came in as part of our second chance program. Surprise surprise, they are all little guys with big vocal chords. It was nice to see some new faces though and they all seemed very loving and outgoing. In fact, two of them were a little too outgoing with cries louder than I have heard in a while.

After my initial negative attitude it was time for my 180. I learned that one of the returns that had happened last Friday had already been adopted out. It seemed like a great fit. It was a young couple that typically were home most of the day and could give Banana the energy and time that she needed. Hopefully this works out better than her last home and she will be a happier dog along with her new family that came to visit today and couldn't wait to take her home.

Another thing that really made my day was learning about the dog that was returned because of a bite. Now I don't know the whole story because I wasn't there when it happened and I'm not going to speculate but the fact that this animal bit pretty much trumps any other behavior. Because of the severity of the bite it wasn't looking good for this animal and that was another one of the reasons I came in with my head held low today. Just when I thought the worst though I learned that this animal was making his way to the basset hound rescue. My whole outlook on the day changed. It really did make me happy that this droopy eared guy was going to get the attention that he needed.

Moving on, the afternoon was full of all sorts of busy work. I was happy to see all of the laundry though completely caught up but amazingly enough it continued to grow throughout the day. I did get some time to spend with my favorite cat Billy when I saw the opportunity but before I knew it I got a call for a showing. I can't tell you how long it's been since I did a showing. The man ended up wanted to see Lady Bird, a dog that needs to find a home soon but is still a pretty special case and can't go home with just anybody. Unfortunately when I read the profile the family has three cats and because of our girl's prey drive it just wouldn't be the right fit. I did show them Arnie and he really seemed to like him. Now all that needs to happen is the rest of the family come in and feel the same way, keeping my fingers crossed.

Closing out the day I was able to speak to my "bunny lady" and explain to her that I wasn't able to find any one to take in her huge number of animals. It was very sad listening to her because you could tell that she really did care for all of her animals and things just got out of hand as far as the numbers go. I explained to her that the only option was county and I gave her the numbers. I really do feel bad for her and I wish we could do more, it's tough though when we as a pretty well off shelter couldn't take in any of her animals.

Well, a better day than I was expecting today. Just goes to show that things can always turn out differently than what you prepare for. Thanks for reading as always and I look forward to your comments. The pictures above are of our girl Lady Bird hanging out comfortable at the front desk and of course a few of our new arrivals.


  1. Sorry to hear about the recent rough patch. Hang in there. You are doing great things!

  2. oh no.. so what happens when county takes the bunnies? i'm guessing the animals go to a city pound? what do the pounds do with animals? put them up for adoption?


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