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Friday, March 12, 2010

Something new every day

Today is my front desk day and I am finding out more and more that there are many types of people in this world. To begin the day I walked in and realized that the front office had gotten painted the night before. It looked great but there was one problem, everything was off the walls and the desk and computer were five feet away from where it usually is. I'm just glad I got there early to start to put it back together. Of course I had to wait for the rest of the staff to get there because I honestly had no idea where everything went.

After the office got put back together is was business as usual. There of course were lots of phone calls today asking every sort of question. I still think that it's funny we get calls from forty miles away asking if we can come pick up a stray dog, especially when we are a privately funded shelter with no animal control. I did have one very interesting call today, one that I have never experienced before, it was an individual with a problem, actually twenty two problems. The person began by saying they had some animals she wanted to relinquish. Well, it turns out it was a lot of animal they were looking to relinquish, so many that it's a pretty large issue. Apparently the person's neighbor complained and now they have just four days to solve this issue or be evicted.

I explained to the individual that we just don't have room for that many animals but I would contact a few places that might be able to help. In reality though I really just wanted to get all of her contact information in order to find out the real story and if there was any history from this woman. Once I got off the phone with her I was able to learn that she initially had double the number of animals and county had already stepped in once to help out along with a few other rescue groups. I still am not sure if they took all of the animals and she acquired twenty two more or if they left her with that number. There is a big difference because if she obtained the animals since county already stepped in this might be a true hoarding case. My next step is to call county in the area the individual is located and see if I can get a better story.

Well, the was the majority of the craziness today. I will end on a woman and her mother coming into the shelter asking if we had any other cats that weren't in the cattery. I explained that we had a lot of adoptions this past week and more were on their way. I did walk with her back into the cattery to show her our indoor outdoor room where there are an additional four cats with free access in and out. I suggested to her that she meet with an adoption counselor to get a full story on all of our feline friends to see if there was a perfect fit. She ended up doing that and adopting our our little kitten Jaime. I remember she initially said she didn't want a kitten but ended up with one anyhow, it's funny how that happens.

I want to thank everyone for reading and I look forward to your comments. Hopefully I can give you an update on the unfolding story that I am sure is not yet finished.

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  1. oh wow a real potential hoarding case? i'm not sure if we get any of those here.. or maybe they're just not highlighted in malaysia.. i've heard of people having like 60 cats. i hope i never head down that road!!!! slap me if i adopt anymore pets!!


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