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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes it can be down right depressing

I know that there are many of you out there that work in the "rescue industry" and deal with the stress on a regular basis but this is still something fairly new to me. In the past I have seen it and been a part of stressful times but recently it seems that the flood gates have opened for the "tough times". If you don't want to read about the experiences I had this past week I suggest skipping this blog, it's still a little tough for me to even write it.

It has been about a week since I last wrote and for me that was tough in itself. The reasoning behind it all though was just so I could gather myself and work out the stress and lack of sleep that I have had lately. Don't get me wrong, as always there have been the highlights but for some reason when it rains it pours.

As you know we had a few returns in recent weeks with one including a bite. Well, good news on all of them because they have either been adopted out or sent to breed rescue. We did however have to put one down because he was deemed unsafe to adopt out. This was understandable but incredibly difficult for me because I was the one that initially adopted the animal out. Because of this I did want to be there when it happened. I was able to treat him with a six dollar burger and I have to say for what it was, it was one of the best ones I have been a part of. I know that sounds horrible but there are those instances when you know an animal was ready to go. This has to be the most difficult part of this job, I am actually getting teary eyed as I speak and the flood gates were opened when it actually happened.

This was tough in itself. Then, the next day while I was working the front desk a sweet little neophyte kitten was brought in by some teenage kids that had found him in the middle of the street. Typically if there is no mother there is a reason. You see that sometimes if the mother cat feels that an offspring might be sick or has a less chance of survival than the rest she will leave that animal behind. Very sad I know, but sometimes the mother has to devote her energy to the healthy ones. Well, who knows if this one was sick or not, we took it in anyhow. One of the staff members cared for it all day and kept it warm until some fosters could come and pick him up. Well, when they left to get supplies the kitten passed. I tried CPR and giving it mouth to mouth but nothing worked. I have to think that he came in sick but it doesn't make it any easier.

Trying to close on a good note. All but a few of the new second chance dogs got adopted this past week. It was nice to see them find homes so quickly. We did have a few dogs come in through our emergency boarding program but hopefully their family will be in to visit for their extended stay at the shelter.

I hope I haven't depressed you all with this blog but it helps me to discuss it and put it down on paper to help me deal with it. Thanks for reading and things will be looking up soon.


  1. hey there
    i'm so sorry about your awful week.. it sucks when you try so hard and still can't save everyone.. no fault of yours whatsoever. this life just isn't meant for some animals. i think its a cruel world we've got here and maybe their innocent souls are too fragile. as for the poor dog that had to be euthanised, well if he wasn't, he'd probably be destined for a really lonely life.. and that's really no life either.. i'm not saying death is better, but well we have to think of the quality of life they can have too right? i have an "unsafe" dog that has to be kept away from all other dogs and people. he's unstable and extremely aggressive towards everyone but me.. i suppose in another country he would've been put to sleep as well. but i keep him at home in his own half of the yard and lanai. i think he is lonely and it makes me feel awful that i am the only one he is ok with. he watches the other dogs play with such longing.. but when allowed to join them, he tries to kill them.. so no more. oh wow my comment is long.. anyway my point is that maybe putting that poor dog to sleep is better than leaving him to a lonely life.

  2. you have a heart of gold


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