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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bonded Pair Weekend

I love coming into work knowing that every single bonded pair got adopted this past weekend. Having one of these loving pairs adopted out is one thing, but a total of three was unheard of. It was quite the way to start my day. There were a total of two bonded cat pairs and a brother and sister dog pair that all got to go home on Saturday.

After the big smiles it was time to get to work. Of course we had to take all of the dogs out first for their morning break. The first little guy I grabbed was Mahi, one of the sweet mange puppies that is still here. He seemed so happy to see me, I kneeled down to leash him up when he jumped in my lap and peed on my thigh. At first I had no idea why my leg was getting so warm, then of course the light goes on and realized what had happened. Who would have thought that this was something that I would ever be laughing about in my life? I guess I have gotten dirty enough at this job that it just doesn't seem to phase me any more.

Once all of the cleaning was done it was time for more cleaning. We had our new staff member today training again so we had plenty of hands to make sure that everything was caught up at the shelter. With that being said, there was only so much we could all do. It almost seemed like a mad dash to see who could get to the laundry first. Well, at least all the busy work was getting done today, the bad part was, the day was dragging because there just weren't any showings.

I think after the weekend there were so many adoptions that now we have so many empty kennels there just aren't that many showings. I did have the one and only today though. It was with a sweet older lady and her daughter. She had just lost her dog of fourteen years and she was looking for a new companion. Initially she wanted to see a lab mix named Sedona. The only problem is this dog had just been adopted out to an older retired woman and brought back a day later because Sedona was tearing up the house, with her new mom there! Once I explained this to the potential adopter she understood that it wasn't the perfect fit. She said exactly what I like to hear in a showing, "I am in no rush, I want to make sure it is the perfect dog". That's kind of the unofficial motto I have here because so many people come in, see a "cute" dog and have to have that one not realizing that they are looking at a 12 year commitment without realizing the personality clashes that might come about.

The rest of the day was more cleaning and laundry. It was nice to see the pile go down a little. I did get to spend some time with the animals today which was nice. I hung out with a cool cat named Billy who has a whole room to himself. I also hung out with our bite quarantine dog Cooper who just loves to fall asleep on your lap. I also spent a little time with a new kitty that came in over the weekend as well. That is a picture of her and her neighbor up top.

Closing out the day we got in a stray. Because we are a private shelter we basically hold the animal in our isolation unit until county animal services can come pick them up. We do make every effort to find their owners but it doesn't always work out that way. The stray that came in wasn't microchipped but did have a tag in his collar with a telephone number. The only problem, when you call the number it said the subscriber does not accept incoming calls. Not sure the point of that cellular plan is but if he had a phone that worked or a correct number on his dog's tag this animal wouldn't be heading to county. Just goes to show that microchipping your animal, no matter how secure you think they are is a smart move.

Thanks for reading everyone and I love getting your comments, keep them coming!

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