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Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally some adoptions

Being up at the front desk you get a totally different perspective of what the shelter is. I still have all of the baggage that goes along with animals being returned and customers that can be a little bent out of shape but I also get to see all of the smiles on people's faces as they come to pick up their new family members.

The main reason I work at the front desk today is because the day after surgery a lot of animals get adopted and it is the best time to have the extra help up there. Not sure if I actually help or get in the way but It is nice to see this side of how the operation works.

Typically we get all of the medical files from our med director of the animals that are going home today with times written in the corner for pick up. Once we get the files we put together a generic adoption folder since most of these have already been adoption deposits. We deposits when the animal is awaiting spaying and neutering. Then fill out microchip information, check for rabies registration, and of course put all of the animals meds together. I was lucky enough today to have a staff member take care of all of this while I took care of the morning busy work responding to emails and answering voicemail.

There were several good parts to today. We were lucky enough to send four animals home that had just had surgery. It was so nice to see how excited the adopters were when their new pet came around the corner. The funny dog voices the people had and of course all of the kisses that were given. It was really a sigh of relief to be reminded of all of the good things that go on this shelter. On top of this there were actually two great adoptions of a couple of little men that have been at the shelter for some time now.

Both dogs, Mako and Sniffer, got to go home not only with a new family but older brothers and sisters that they can run around the yard with. One of the dogs was actually the second to last remaining "mange" puppies that have been at the shelter since November getting treatment. In reality he actually became one of my favorite little dogs and in turn will be someone else's now.

Of course I try to be positive throughout this blog but we did get a call of a potential return. Nothing to sad but a little bit disheartening. Apparently an adopter passed away and the dog's groomer ended up taking ownership of him. Unfortunately they didn't have the profile we had on the dog and didn't realize that the dog had cat aggression. In any case we should be getting the dog back within a week. Thankfully that is his only issue and should be highly adoptable.

Thanks for reading everyone and thanks again for the wonderful and heartwarming comments. There are so many people out there that care so much for these animals needing homes I am just glad I am lucky enough to be one of them.

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