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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My shortest day yet!

I love what I do, don't get me wrong, but it is certainly nice to leave work early because everything that you needed to get done got done.

The day started with dishing out the meds to all of the sick animals. Everything was going fine until I had one little guy just not want to eat anything I was giving him. Because of this we took his temp, everything was within normal limits but you could tell he just wasn't feeling good. We ended up cooking him a chicken breast and he had no problems with that. Once that was done it was time to get a fecal and clean some ears on our husky/shepherd mix Patrick. You think this would be easy but there was nothing easy about it. It turns out he is a big wimp when ever you touch his ears and he goes belly up and all squirmy. This probably wouldn't be an issue except the yard he was in was about six by four so needless to say we were both trying not to get any poop on us.

Next we were on to a few cat intakes. I was surprised at how easy both of these went. The sweet little felines had no issues with us giving them shots, weighing them, or even drawing blood. I know they were a little older, five and eight, but both of these cats seem like they will get adopted very quickly on personality alone.

Later was my least favorite part of the day. It was time to help treat a cat with the worst yeast infection I have ever seen. It would have been a lot easier with oral meds but this is the only cat I have ever come across that will not take them and will not let us give them. What all of that means is we have to use a cream and ten minute baths to the infected area. Let me just tell you there was nothing fun about making sure this cat gets healthy. Anyways, we got her all cleaned up and it does seem to be helping, I just really wish she would take her oral medication.

The rest of my short day was focusing on making sure that all of the medications, med sheets, and directions were all squared away for the weekend when the med staff is off. Luckily though they had worked extremely efficiently this week and pretty much had everything done. There were only a few new things to add for the weekend.

Aside from the normal health checks and finding out one of our little guys has conjunctivitis the day was coming to an end. It was a nice break in the week especially after yesterday. There were no adoptions that I know of but at least there wasn't anything bad either. I want to thank everyone for reading and I truly do look forward to your comments and I'll work on some more positive things. Up top is a picture of one of our second chance dogs right after surgery, I always feel so bad for these little men, must be a guy thing!


  1. eww... i didn't know cats could get yeast infections.. what's that like? like ringworm?

  2. Waaaaaaay worse! We actually had to shave her rump just to treat her. The fact that she is an overweight cat makes things even worse. It's the smell of constant cat pee that really gets to me though. Anyways, she is doing a lot better so hopefully she can go off of medical hold soon.


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