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Thursday, March 11, 2010

One late showing

I decided to focus on the cats this morning and try to spend at least some time getting to know their personalities. For me the routine when I an in the kennels is one day with the dogs and one with the cats, got to keep it all balanced you know. I have to say that cleaning up after my feline friends was pretty easy today with so many adoptions this past week.

Once all of the cats had been cleaned up after I headed over to dog iso to take care of the stray and our little man still on bit quarantine. I have to say that he seems to be doing a lot better without all of the usual fence fighting that gets him all riled up. As far as the stray is concerned we were unable to contact his owner because their telephone number listed on the tag would not except incoming calls. In any case, county came and picked him up while I was cleaning.

After the garbage, dishes, and laundry were done I found out about an "issue" we were having with our microchips and registration. We are actually lucky enough to have a wonderful volunteer that comes in every week to enter all of the forms into the computer to make sure the proper contact information is updated. The problem came up though that there were a few times that the system booted us out and we were unable to update in time. What that means basically is that about twenty animals over the past year never got registered. Luckily our volunteer made it very easy for me to find out which ones needed to be reentered. It still took me a while though to enter all twenty of them. I was actually surprised that this issue hadn't come up before but I guess the adopters really don't pay any attention when we tell them they will be receiving conformation for the chip registration within a couple of weeks, not years.

For a good portion of the day today I actually got to spend some more time with the animals. Typically I find something to keep me busy but because yesterday was so slow and we got so much accomplished, as far as cleaning is concerned, I decided to hang with my boy Billy again. Ever since we moved him to a larger, more private room, he has really started to come out of his shell. I went in, sat down, and he immediately came out and rolled on his back for belly rubs. This cat is really growing on me and if I would have never thought that he would turn out to be one of my favorites. Here is a picture of him hanging out in his "house" before he came out.

Closing out the day I headed back to the cattery to make sure everything was in order. That's when I saw a woman with two young daughters. They asked if they could pet Lassie our ten year old sweetheart but because it was getting close to closing I didn't think we would have time. Well, it turns out they already had an application in so it was as simple as pulling their file and starting the showing. The woman had been in several times in the past but the right fit just wasn't there. I really think she liked Lassie and her demeanor and will be back tomorrow to adopt, I hope.

A slow day to say the least but hopefully one adoption will come out of it. I want to thank everyone for reading and of course to all of the volunteers out there that really do make all of the difference. The rest of the pictures today were of surgery dogs, I just couldn't help myself, they all looked so cute. I still have a tough time recognizing the dog below, can you believe that he was one of our mange puppies from December?!

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