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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fringe benefits of the job

I'm going to bypass the monotony of the clean today and jump right in to the rest of my day. One thing really had my attention, my dog that I had to bring in for a few procedures. This is a huge advantage to have while working at the shelter, discounted veterinary care. Well, today it really came in handy.

My dog, aka son, started getting these little red bumps on his chest. I initially brought him in a few weeks ago for our Vet to take a look at them. The fact that my little man sun bathes so much really had me worried when these raised lumps appeared and grew rather rapidly. I was told to bring him in today for the vet to look at him again, that's when they decided to remove them all. My poor little guy not only had FOUR lumpectomies he also had a dental as well. My little guy looks like a frankenstein on his chest. Hopefully they don't pop up again because it's tough putting my little man through that. In any case, the staff took amazing care of them and I am incredibly grateful for the job they do.

Of course there were other things that needed my attention as well, for instance the person still trying to get rid of their twenty or so rabbits. Apparently I am the only person who would give them the time of day and at least lend them an ear because it seems they call every single day with a new way to get rid of their animals. Today's suggestion was to give all of the rabbits to a rescue along with all of their cages and the rabbits can just live outside. Well, unfortunately it just doesn't work that way. I reiterated again that the only option was county, which isn't a bad thing I have to add. In any case, I understand her concern but there are only so many options you have at the point when you are getting evicted for having to many animals along with an open investigation from animal control. I really do feel sorry for them but there comes a time when all of your options have been exhausted.

Today there were a few dogs that needed care for as well, I almost forgot that that is why I am here. We actually had to move one little guy back to ISO for the simple fact that he can pretty much escape any kennel we put him in. The plan now is to put him in one of the show yards where at least he will be in public view and doesn't have as much of a risk of jumping out and hurting himself.

Aside from all of this the day actually seemed a little slow. I was able to clean quite a bit and also spend some quality time sitting down with the animals, including mine. The day ended by taking out all of the dogs for their afternoon break, running down two because they door dashed, and also pairing up another two for a little play date. As you can see from the picture above they really seemed to enjoy themselves. This was awesome because both of these dogs can be little devils when it comes to other animals.

Closing out I just want to say I truly do appreciate the kind words that you post in my comment section. It really does put a smile on my face even on those tough days. I also want to say thanks to all of the volunteers out there that make rescues happen.

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