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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some good numbers this weekend

I love coming back to this place after a few days off to learn who got to go home. Of course there are those days that no one does but on the other end of the spectrum are days like today where I learned of about ten different adoptions. There weren't to many cat adoptions, mostly dogs, but there was a bonded pair of bunnies that have been at the shelter for quite some time that finally found their forever home.

A few of the adopted animal were still at the shelter when I arrived today. They basically are waiting on some sort of procedure before they can go home. Most of the time it's either a spay or neuter, but we also have a few dentals and a check up on on a sweet little dog who may have a heart murmur. It never seizes to amaze me the medical attention that our animals receive.

On with the day. I began as usual by helping take out all of the dogs to their runs. I have to say, the smell always takes some getting used to in the morning. Once that was done it was time to head over to the cattery. It was nice to see some empty kennels because this last month has really gone to the cats as far as adoption numbers go. There were a few new faces though but everyone in there seemed to be well adjusted. Maybe it's the fact that the majority of them have at least two interconnecting kennels to stretch their legs in. While I was cleaning I was lucky enough to have a volunteer not only offer their help, but more importantly just spend some quality time with the cats while I took care of tidying up the place.

The next portion of my day was dedicated to a meeting going over some future events as well as the normal stuff. We discussed everything from a large volunteer project to our anticipated anniversary gala event. It's always good to see how many people are involved in the shelter and more importantly how people are so passionate about what we do here. I won't bore you with to many details but I will say that we are planning another adoption event and we did get some nice bagels to munch on.

Before I knew it the day was already winding down. I was able to do a few loads of laundry and even got the dogs fed once I went back to the kennels. I didn't hear of any adoptions but at least there were a few showings. The rest of the afternoon was spent bringing out all of the dogs, making sure their kennels were ready for the night, and of course cleaning.

Closing out the day I did my time cards, yes I said time cards, something I haven't ever experienced before this place. I got out my calculator and started working. Luckily it only takes about five minutes, but if you forget you can get in some trouble.

I hope tomorrow I will see a few adoptions but in the mean time here is a picture of our girl Lady. Now typically she is a wild and crazy sort of dog but when you get her some quite time she becomes part of the family, or floor for that matter (see picture above). Thanks for reading everyone and I really do appreciate all of your comments and all that you do out there helping those that can't help themselves.

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