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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A day of data entry

If you didn't already know, today was my day in medical. Usually it involves a few intakes, a lot of paperwork, and prepping for the weekend. Well, today was more paperwork than anything else. I won't bore you with to much of the details but the data entry consists of setting up the animals files in our shared computer system and entering all of their medical notes.

There were a few other things that I did today in addition to sitting in front of the computer. I dished out the meds in the morning, including pilling a few cats which I must say I am getting pretty good at. We also had to pay close attention to our cat in ISO who has had a tough time pooping. We actually had to take him to a vet's office yesterday to have him looked over. They ended up giving him an enema and putting him on lactaloose. Apparently, from what I hear, he had a pretty large movement but has yet to go at the shelter. Hopefully the laxative and wet food will do the trick because I really don't feel like learning how to give a cat an enema.

We also had to purge a hematoma on a poor little safe house animals ear. I have to say, the sound of pus coming out of this poor little guy was pretty nasty, along with the smell, but he really seemed to be feeling better once it was all over. The med staff is still debating if surgery is needed. They are still waiting to see if the purging and antibiotics do the trick.

After all of this we still had to give a good ten dogs a dose of panacur. This is a de wormer that can usually knock out giardia in a five day treatment plan. I hope it does! When we all came in this morning, one of our new second chance labs was pretty much sprawled out in a large mess of diarrhea that even the most seasoned kennel staff members were holding their breath for.

The day took a little longer than expected but we ended up getting all the information entered into the computer. We also got all of the meds ready for the weekend and all of the dosing done for the afternoon. There wasn't anything to crazy which means that it was a good day in the med room. Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to you comments.

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