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Friday, February 19, 2010

All I can say is WOW!

My typical Thursdays usually consist of the recently altered animals getting picked up by their new adopters. Today was a little different. It began like any other day up at the front desk, me making some coffee and checking the emails and voicemail. Once that was done the money was counted and I began to prepare the files for the animals that were getting picked up today, a total of six. This was a little high but nothing out of the ordinary.

The doors opened at eleven and already the people were flowing in. The first group was actually a film crew interviewing our president. All I have to say is they picked a good day to do it, I haven't been a part of a busier Thursday since starting here. After they met with our president and headed off to another building the adopters started flowing in like clockwork. Luckily our med staff staggers the pickup times so it makes it a little easier on us. Before I knew it though pickups started overlapping with new showings and adoptions as well as new relinquished animals and even EBR's (euthanasia by request).

The became a blur from the moment we opened to the moment we closed. There were so many adoptions and animals relinquished it all seemed to blend together. Now I am not complaining by any means, I'm just trying to paint a picture of how busy it was. The only problem that I had with today was the fact that we were so busy I wasn't sure if everyone was getting the attention they needed and deserved. Hopefully everything got taken care of and nothing got overlooked.

Now on to the adopted animals. Believe it or not there were a total of six adoptions with one being our long term dog Bobbie and another two being a bonded pair that were pushing eight in age. It was so nice to see these animals find their forever homes and especially see the smiles on the adopters faces when they got to call them their own.

I honestly can't remember to much more because it really was to busy to think about it. I do remember our behavior specialist taking in an animal at one point and her just handing the poor guy off to me, before I knew it though I got the whale eye, put him down, and the scared little guy going into bark mode. We took in a total of three new dogs and sent out six new ones. It was a great day for adoptions and an even greater day for the animals. I think we sent out a total of 13, a record for me.

If every day was like today there would be a lot less animals looking for their forever homes. I want to thank everyone for reading as always and apologize for no pictures, a little to much going one to take them. I look forward to your comments.

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  1. a total of THIRTEEN!!!!!! WOW!!! that's wonderful! aww.. that's thirteen more happy and loved animals in this world.