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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best just to jump back in

My day in medical was a fast one. Immediately when I got to work it was time to dish out the meds and get on with the day. It was good because I think I needed some busy time to not have to think about anything else.

Once all of the medications were given it was time to dive right into the day. Typically on these days I have been helping set up meds and doing a lot of data entry for the animal's files but today was a little different. Today I helped do a total of eight cat intakes. An intake consists of drawing blood for 'snap' tests to determine if the cat can come into the shelter. We also make sure that all vaccines are up to date and if not administer them. We also look at the teeth, coat, tail, ears and basically the overall well being of the animal. We listen to the heart as well to make sure there are no abnormalities.

The eight cats that we brought in to the shelter all seemed healthy except for one. It turns out my one eared friend who was originally aged at five plus is really around 14 plus. Apparently you can actually tell by simply looking at the eyes. If they have crocodile eyes it means that they are pretty old. Other than being old though the cat seems in pretty good health, a little feisty too. We did decide to run a full blood panel just to cover all of our bases to make sure that this animal is adoptable.

The other cats were all pretty scared on intake but really took it well. We ended up giving just about every one of them an updated rabies vaccine along with anthelban, a de wormer, and revolution to cover the external parasites. Amazingly enough we were actually able to do all eight intakes today. In addition to that all of the animals that could go home this weekend were entered into our computer system. All in all, a busy day that went by before I knew it had began.

In closing today I have to add that I got my first award, the Scribble Scholastic award from a great blog called One Girl Too Many Animals, a touching blog about animal rescue in Kuala Lumpur. Now the trick goes is that I have to award this to five of my favorite blogs, so here it goes, I wish it could be more. So here are my five:

* Rules for Superior Scribbler Award:
1. Each superior scribbler must pass on the AWARD to 5 friends who are also SS.
2. Each SS must link the author and name of the blog from whom he receives the award.
3. Each SS must display the award on his/her blog and link to the post which explains the award.
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5. Each SS must post these rules on his/her blog.


  1. ONE: What the hell is an SS?
    TWO:I don't even HAVE 5 blogs I subscribe to so does this mean I have to quit blogging? Will I be black balled? oooo oooo Does SS stand for SECRET SOCIETY?
    THREE:This sounds like a lot of work..gee, thanks Nick...maybe you should just appreciate my blog from a nice quiet anonymous stance. ;}
    FOUR: Using the ole flattery will get you everywhere routine eh? Smaht buoy. Please Read comment with a Jersey accent..ahh crap, to late.

  2. awesome stuff! you do great work, I'm sure. Makes it so much better for us other animal lovers, especially as we foster. Thanks!!