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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

Quick re cap of the morning, lots of scrubbing and lots of poo, nuff said. After all of the cleaning I headed up to the front desk to see if we do figure a few things out. A new concern that has come up is having animals that are already adopted, and on foster, head in to showings with new adopters not know that the animals have a home already. Now this is a rare occurrence, but it does happen, and when it does, it can be a pain in the but.

The problem really originates when there is a break down of communication. However much you try to avoid it, it is still bound to happen. We do have a proper routine in place that if followed the issue doesn't arise but let's say no one puts an adopted sign on a kennel. Then a customer fills out an adoption application to see that animal, then the counselor wasn't there the day the animal got adopted, and let's say the animal went home on foster because it was still waiting an operation the computer says available for adoption, then you have a problem. One thing we were trying to figure out at the front desk was how we could change the status of the animal in the computer to "on hold" because we can't technically adopt them until everything is good to go, like being spayed or neutered. Anyways, that was the beginning of my day, hopefully it won't be too difficult of a problem to fix.

Moving on it was a lot of laundry and trying to get all of our linen and beds somewhat consolidated. Luckily everyone had kept up on keeping the washer and dryer running so the big issue was just taking care of all of the recent linen donations that have poured in the past couple of weeks. Now there was a quick and easy solution if I ever saw one, we simply took all of the donations that were filling up an empty kennel and loaded them into our large van. Our behaviorist who will be making a trip to a few less fortunate shelters will take the donations to them where they will get some good use out of them. Two birds with one stone there.

I did have one good showing today, it was with a woman that I had met last August and had introduced their dog to Wendy, a long timer here at the shelter. It seemed to be a good fit back then but she had some issues with the energy level our dog had. Long story short, she was back to see our lab named Higgins. Now this guy is truly one of my favorites, he is a sweet and lovable loaf. He will go belly up over pretty much anything but has been gaining some confidence since first arriving at the shelter. The interact went well with the woman's dog pretty much just assessing the area. After a while though our little guy started running and trying to instigate play with no luck. I suggested that the woman come back when her dog is a little more comfortable and we'll see how things go. Hopefully she'll be back because as you can see from the picture below they really could be brothers.

There were a few more showings the rest of the day and luckily a couple of adoptions as well. A sweet cat that can be a bit fickle found a new home as well as one of our second chance dogs. In addition to this a gentleman came back in for the umpteenth time to visit with our long term girl Bobbie. Hopefully it went well and in the coming days I can say she was adopted. The last showing I saw was with a couple that already had two dogs. Unfortunately their little male was un altered and we were unable to adopt. Now I of all people understand that it seems rough to "take away the guys manhood" but believe me it really does help the bigger issue of pet population. We tried explaining this to the guy but it was like talking to a brick wall. Maybe his wife can talk some sense in to him and in the future they can adopt from us.

That's it for now, as always thanks for reading and of course your wonderful comments. I always do appreciate them and all of the people out there that are doing their own part to help all the great animals in need around the world. Oh yeah, I couldn't forget to add a picture of the little Italian greyhound we have here that just got her dental.

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