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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Coming back to a lot of adoptions, poop, and a few baths

Recently I have kept myself from constantly looking at our website on my days off. I am trying to do this so when I go in to work on my "Monday" it will be a surprise to see who went home. Needless to say, the first time I tried this there were a whole lot of adoptions across the board.

First our crazy Wheaton terrier with extreme IBS got to go home to a wonderful woman who drove several hours with her dogs and family to come and meet him. In addition, Eclair, my little submissive grinner who was in the news paper got adopted as well. Those were just a few of our dogs that had been here a while, besides them there were a total of about four more that had come in through our second chance program that got new homes as well.

Of course I can't leave out all of the cats. When I walked into the cattery today I was astonished at how many empty kennels there are. I looked at the numbers and it is truly amazing the number of cats that have been adopted this past month. I guess now I understand why a few of our staff members went to another shelter today to rescue a few more. In addition to all of these animals we even had a long term rabbit, in fact two in the last week, that have been here for who knows how long. I have to say it was a nice surprise to see all of the adoptions going into work today.

On the other side it wasn't so nice to see all of the poop. All of our second chance dogs have been being treated for giardia but that still mean that there isn't going to be a little poop in the kennel. If you can stand it and you haven't eaten anything recently here is a picture of one of the kennels below. This is also why I bathed a few dogs today. I can imagine even if you are the cutest thing out there, when you smell like crap it's kind of hard to keep all of your appeal.

After the bathing my lab friend, pictures up top and down below, I finally got to see our friend Lucy. She was the dog that had the major ear surgery that was so graciously donated last week. She had been spending this time being monitored at a 24 hour veterinary clinic to make sure everything went well. She was still having a tough time blinking but she seems to be back to normal now. I couldn't believe the energy level she had. She was bouncing around, playing fetch, and jumping up in my lap. It was one of those moments where all you could do is smile.

Well, there were no adoptions today, but I have to say it was a pretty good day. I know I made a dog miserable by giving him a bath but hopefully the suffering will be worth it in the end. There are so many things at an animal shelter that can make you cry but what really is amazing is how many more things can make you smile. Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to you comments.

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