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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keeping myself busy

As far as weeks go, you could certainly say that this one was a slow one. But when you think about cleaning, you could say it was a busy one. The way it works is that we are completely full to capacity as far as dogs are concerned yet we can do showings with a good number of them. What that means is a whole lot of cleaning with only a select number of animals that we can do showings with.

As usual we began by taking all of the dogs out to their runs. I tackled the cats after that and continued on to disinfecting dog ISO when that was finished. For some reason everyone today just had the motivation to get things done which was nice, because once that was done we headed over to the dreaded poop buckets. I thought I had gotten out of these forever by not working on Mondays anymore but because of a large tree removal it got postponed until today. I have to say this is one part of the job I do not miss.

The showings today seemed limited. I can only think of two in fact that anyone even did. One was with a cat that turned out not to be a good fit because the potential adopters were looking at an indoor cat but wanted an indoor/outdoor cat. The other showing was with one of my favorite dogs Millie, aka Chica. She is a long termer that is really a staff favorite but has had a tough time getting adopted because of her socialization issues. Good news is though the showing went well, bad news is we still have to introduce her to a small poodle that is already part of the household.

The highlight of the day, since there were no adoptions, had to be the sizable donation that was received. Now I didn't get the details about it but I do know that the individual has donated before but this amount was double of the last. I was shocked to see it and completely astonished at how much it can do for the shelter. So, to the donor out there, thank you.

That's it for today, as always, I want to thank all of the volunteers and donors out there for their continued dedication to the animal cause. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments.

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