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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A lot of medicine

Today was my weekly day in medical. It began as usual by preparing all of the morning meds. This includes everything from antibiotics, allergy medicine, de-wormers, pain killers, steroids, and of course the dreaded wipes. Everything was fine until I got to those. Not sure exactly what is wrong with the cat that needs them but I think this it is basically a horrible yeast infection. I felt a little uncomfortable wiping her down but I guess it had to be done. The really tough part was trying to pill her afterwards, talk about impossible.

After the morning meds it was on with the day and some data entry. I began by entering a few animals into our system so they could be adoptable this weekend. It's pretty simple stuff but if you screw up one date it can end up causing a lot of problems. I do tend to rush through these so it's good that there are a few others here able to double check my work.

Once that was done it was time for the vet due treatments. This usually takes up a good amount of time but today there was only one dog that needed anything done, a simple monthly flea treatment. After this I figured today might be a day that goes by pretty fast.

Moving on I began preparing all of the meds for the weekend. I was amazed at how many there were. I can't imagine only one person doing this job, I really do have to give the medical staff credit for everything that they do. Just getting the bottles ready for the medicine took me a better part of the day.

Closing out the day we did an intake on a dog named Lucky who had been relinquished earlier in the week and was sent immediately out to our vet's office. It turns out the little guy was peeing blood right when he came into the shelter. Luckily though they found it was bladder stone and not something more serious. They actually also found that the poor little guy had been stung by a bee, lucky for him they caught it early. Hopefully his surgery to remove his stone goes smoothly and we an find him a home quickly.

Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to your comments.


  1. i'll never stop being amazed at how you can give meds to so many animals all the time. i can't even give meds to my own pets!! they immediately sense when i have medication in my hand and will avoid me like the plague.

  2. it's funny some of the tricks you have to come up with in order to get them to eat them. Pill pockets work great with cats and cream cheese with dogs. Sometimes all you can do though is pill them which you only want to use as a last resort because it can really stress out an already stressed animal.


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