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Friday, February 26, 2010

Front desk time

I began my day by first making some tasty coffee, it's nice to be able to sit for a day and enjoy a cup ever once in a while. After I got all settled in it was time to check the emails and messages. Nothing too exciting but one message did get my attention. It was with a woman that was having some problems with an adoption process. I looked up her name in our system but found no information. I finally called her and learned that it was a rescue group that the woman was having issues with. Her main questions was if there was some sort of adoption board that she could talk to in order to clear up a few issues she was having. After the twenty minute conversation she had with me I finally suggested that she talk to her lawyer friend because in the end she did sign a contract. I do hope it all works out and I'll know next time that our 411 number is the same as our front desk number.

After all of the morning necessities were done the doors were open. I was surprised to see that no dogs were actually going home which is unusual for Thursdays, typically all of the animals that got altered the day before are picked up but apparently everyone is waiting for the weekend this time. What this meant for me was that the day could potentially drag on. That's when the phone rang and a young woman wanted to find out a little info on Chica, aka Millie. I answered as best as I could and tried to discuss a few of her issues before she made the trip in. She still seemed interested and said she would be down within the hour.

Well, a little later in the afternoon the woman came in. She filled out a profile and was excited to see Millie. I have to say I was pretty pessimistic just because Millie has been here upwards of six months but to my surprise about fifteen minutes into the showing the potential adopter became an adopter. Woo Hoo! Everyone was so excited for one of our long termers to go home. Just goes to show that there is the perfect home for all of these animals some where out there.

The rest of the day was pretty quite, we did have an EBR (euthanasia by request) come in which is always a little sad. There is really nothing you can say except I'm sorry for your loss. Well, enough of that, back to positive stuff.

Our front desk dog of the day was Lady Bird, a sweet lab that has been at the shelter for quite some time but doesn't necessarily have the best kennel presence. But as you can see from the picture she does quite well in a more calming environment. Hopefully she will get a little more exposure up here when she is calm so the right home can finally take her home.

Aside from being Mr. Information on the phone, we are one of the few places that picks up with a live person rather than an automated service, there was another adoption. I didn't take part because I was helping out another area of the shelter but from what I hear it was a great fit. Our boy Hamilton finally found the right home where he will be taken care of. The poor guy got returned just two days after going home originally because of allergies. Oh well, at least it wasn't too long before he got to leave for good this time.

Thanks for reading everyone and as always thanks to the volunteers and shelter workers out there that sometimes go unappreciated, you are making a difference.

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