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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A nice phone call and a few new dogs

For some reason, today I was motivated to clean cats. Not sure if it was the fact that I didn't want to get my socks wet or I actually wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee at work but in any case I took care of the felines today.

It had been a while since I cleaned the cattery and I have to say it was pretty nice. There was the instant though when I took care of the kittery and as soon as I changed the litter one of the little guys let out a nice stinky one that took over the whole room. Then of course once I cleaned it again they knocked over their food bowl, hey, kids, what can you do.

Once the cattery was cleaned I headed over to the rabbitat where a volunteer already had out several of the bunnies for a little early morning exercise. I can't even explain how much easier it is to clean when the cages are empty. Since the volunteer was there I was able to knock it out before eleven which is unheard of. Of course there is the laundry, dishes, and garbage to take care of but the four of us working this morning had no trouble getting all of the morning duties taken care of.

I had a few showings today but nothing too exciting and no one overly interested in adopting. I think rather everyone that I spoke to really just wanted to hang out and play with some of the animals. I really don't mind this, especially on slow days, but when there is stuff to do I would rather people who are seriously interested in the animals take the time to interact with them. Oh well, at least the little guys got a little extra loving.

So none of the showings I had panned out today but I did get a phone call from a woman that I had shown a dog to on Sunday. He is our little Shitzu that is going to require eye medicine for the rest of his life. She had come in with her husband and other dog to interact but the humping kind of steered her away. I told her to think about it because there is no rush in making this decision. Surprisingly enough she called back today and said that when she woke up this morning she knew that he was the one. Put another one in the books, a great adoptions for a great dog.

Later I was asked to help out in the med room, without hesitation I went. When I entered the room I saw a large dog that had just been euthanized. I froze and became speechless because he looked exactly like a dog that I have grown close to at the shelter. I also hadn't seen him all day so you know my thought process went quickly to the worst outcome. Of course as soon as the medical staff saw my face they explained to me that this was a euthanasia by request or EBR. Apparently the poor old guy was on his last leg and the owner felt that it was time to stop his suffering. I was just there to help carry him out because he was so large. It was one of those bitter sweet moments if you know what I mean, no matter what it was a horribly sad moment but I was still glad it wasn't the dog that I thought it was.

Trying to close on a good note our behaviorist was able to take in five new dogs from a county shelter today. They were all adorable and well behaved as always but one in particular stood out, as she would to anyone. She is a ten month old Shitzu that apparently had some head trauma as a puppy and the shelter was forced to remove both of her eyes. I know it sounds horrible but she is still a spunky little girl that loves her rawhides, playing with dogs, and sleeping in your lap. I have no doubt that this little angel will find a home as soon as she becomes available. Here is a picture, but be warned, it is a little freaky the first time you see it.

Thanks for reading everyone and to all of the volunteers at any shelter, thank you for the time and love that you give.

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  1. The little shi-tzu reminds me of a friends dog. He is also a little black and white shi-tzu with no eyes. She keeps the hair on his face a little long so you can't even tell. He gets around great, and if he is in an area he knows, you can't even tell he can't see. He is a friendly loving well adjusted little dog.


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