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Monday, October 26, 2009

Back with a bang!

After an interesting week of being sick, today I was ready for anything, or so I thought. Let me start by recapping some things that were of some importance that I ended up missing in the last few days. For one, there were two great long term adoptions that took place. One was our girl Sasha, a huskie mix that had a few problems. She ended up going to a wonderful couple and the family couldn't have been happier. The next big adoption was Wendy, our Weimeriner mix. You would think because this dog was so beautiful that she would have been adopted sooner but because of her "hound deafness" or doggy ADD it has been tough, especially because of her size. She has been in a lot of showings but just hadn't found that right family, until last week that is. It turns out one of our postings on petfinder payed off. A man from another state actually came to visit her with his two dogs and absolutely fell in love. After a two day courtship he had made up his mind that Wendy would be the new addition to his family. There was an obstacle to get over thought, Wendy had actually not been spayed yet and the man had to head back home. Lucky for us we have some great staff members and a great relationship with a local vets office. Typically our surgeries are done at the shelter on Wednesday but we were able to get her done on Friday, now it just left getting her to her new state. I couldn't believe what I heard next, one of our adoption counselors was actually going to drive her out to her new home. Talk about going above and beyond! All I know is that two great dogs that have been at the shelter for far to long finally get to go home.

Now on to today, of course my first day back we are short by two staff members leaving us with three adoptions councilors. What that means for us is a very busy day of cleaning and trying to stay caught up on just about everything. I have to say though that the dogs really didn't make to much of a mess and we were able to take care of them rather quickly, especially with the volunteers help. I really don't know how this place would run without their help and love for the animals.

Anyways, after all of the cleaning it was right to work on adoptions. My first showing was with a dog named Blitzen that the group had already seen yesterday but they still needed their rental agreement. Everything looked good but when I went back over their profile that mentioned that they were thinking about getting a cat in the future as well. Because of this I had to cat test the dog just to make sure that there wouldn't be any problems, and as I expected he did fine with the felines. It was a go after that, we verified his rental agreement and another dog had found his forever home. Of course he would be here until next Thursday so we can "alter" him.

Today I was surprised that any of us were even able to take a lunch. We were so busy with showings that if every one of them had been an adoption I don't think we would have any animals left. Unfortunately lots of them weren't adoptions for one reason or another. With all of the good showings there were a few bad ones as well. By saying bad I mean denials. There was everything from wanting to declaw cats to give animals as gifts which are big no nos here at the shelter. Luckily there were more showings waiting to take your mind of the ones that weren't so great.

My next showing was with a new little shi tzu that was brought to us as a stray from a county shelter because we could better deal with his medical issue. Nothing to serious but would require eye medication for the rest of his life. When I was called to the showing with him I was ready for a quick one because this usually deters people pretty quickly. When I explained to the couple his problems with dry eye that completely understood and recognized it was common with the breed and they would still like to meet him. After only a short time with him in the yard they were hooked. The issues now were cat testing him and introducing him to their 13 year old dog. The cat test went alright, I was a little concerned with his aggression and persistence but the family didn't think it was an issue. Another issue that arose was when we introduced the two dogs, now mind you our little guy hasn't been neutered yet, but he persistently tried to hump. After about ten minutes of this I said my suggestion would be to come back in a few days and try it again because nobody wants to put their dog at home in that situation. Hopefully they will think long and hard about it and come back for another meet and greet.

My last showing for the day was actually with a bunnie. Now I have done a little research online so I didn't totally go into the showing blind but I have to say there were some questions asked that I had to go back to the computer. In any case the family seemed like a good fit and the father came up to the shelter to meet as well and it was a go. My first rabbit adoption was definitely a learning one but I am glad to have it under my belt.

Closing out today a family that was supposed to pick up their dog tomorrow ended up coming in today and cutting their vacation short. They said they couldn't wait to get their girl home. It was so great to see the looks on their faces when I brought their new addition out. This is why I am here.

What a busy, cray, hectic, insane, GREAT day. I know that there are the tough days but those days are far and few between when you are finding loving animals new homes. Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to your comments.

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