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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Learned about a few adoptions

So I had the entire weekend off these past few days and boy could I get used to that. Of course though I missed out on the majority of the adoptions that took place. There were several dogs and a few cats that all got to find their new homes. Unfortunately the cycle never ends and we had a few relinquishments as well as a couple of "returns" this weekend.

Starting out today I read the adoption board and learned that three dogs along with a slew of cats had gotten adopted. One cat in particular stood out, her name was Honey and she was one of our special needs cats. I remember doing her intake and thinking how could this cat be so skinny. Well, it turned out she had a medical condition along with being the runt of her litter that made her the size that she was. Aside from some medication and a special diet this cat was awesome, I was actually surprised it took this long for her to get adopted. In any case, a lot of animals got to find their forever homes this weekend so I was glad to see the board filled with names.

After reading the adoption board, I went to read the kennel assignments and noticed a few new dogs along with two returns. The two names that really stuck out were Kelly and Mack, two dogs that had recently been adopted out. Kelly was our senior citizen that ranks in at about 11 years old while Mack is a young guy who just recently went home. Both returns weren't horrible, it wasn't as if the dogs had bit or anything but rather the owners felt that there could be a better home for both of these loving animals. In any case, we at least know how they did in homes and we can now find them the ideal place for these guys to live. Hopefully though it is sooner than later.

Aside from the normal cleaning there were only a few showings today. Kind of weird from me to start my Monday on an actual Monday and realize how slow this day actually is. My first showing was actually with Kelly and another older dog. It was with a young lady who was looking to not only find another companion for herself and her dog but she was looking to help out an older shelter dog. The two she wanted to look at were six and eleven and it turns out they she really liked them both. Since she does have a dog at home however, we will need to do interactions to make sure that everyone gets along and that it will be a match that will last a lifetime. Hopefully we will see her soon and we can find one of these great animals a new mom and brother.

I had one more showing to close out the day. It was with a couple that I had spoken with last week that initially wanted to see Dixie, a kelpie mix that had been on bite quarantine a few weeks back. I steered them away from her mainly because the couple could be having kids in the near future and due to the recent events along with the dogs food guarding issues I thought there might be a better fit for the couple out there. Interestingly enough, the couple had thought about Dixie the entire week and what it would take to give her the best home and they decided to come back and meet. I was glad to see them and even happier that they had spent some time evaluating the situation. After talking to them for a bit we went to go meet Dixie and they really enjoyed her company. I'm not sure if they are 100% but I am sure they they liked her, I gave them some training handouts on food aggression ect. and told them to go over them to see what is in store. I have no doubt that they will provide a good home for one of our animals, I just want them to know what needs to be done to ensure that they have a great, well behaved, animal.

It's nice coming into work knowing that you only have a three day week, but in reality I do miss working on those busy days when the animals get to find their forever homes. Call it fringe benefits, but that is the feeling that I work for because I certainly don't do it for the money. Thanks for reading everyone and if you aren't following me yet on google or facebook, I would appreciate it if you did. I look forward to your comments and hopefully will write about some more adoptions tomorrow.

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