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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wow, hope I start feeling better

If you follow this blog than you might realize that I missed a day yesterday without any explanation, well, here it is. Not sure if it was the flu or not but the docs certainly treated it that way. It began right before my alarm went off for work when immediately I knew something was up when my stomach started turning. I eventually made it out of bed and got ready as usual. I tried eating a little breakfast when I knew something was wrong. For the rest of the day the only time I got up, which was frequently, was to go to the bathroom. In the end it was best for me to stay home and not spread anything, plus I don't think I could have been any help.

That was yesterday, today I decided I was feeling a little better so it was time to go to work. Luckily the staff was very understanding and when it came to cleaning I had what you might call light duty. I helped out with the cats and did a few rabbits as well. Typically I do a lot more but my body was still aching from yesterday.

Once all of the cleaning was done it was time for our weekly meeting. The focus was our annual fundraiser that took place last Saturday. I wasn't able to make it but from what I hear it was a huge success. I hope in the future I can play a role in it because it sounds like it was quite a fun time. I forgot to give credit to everyone for the time and effort that obviously went into this magnificent event.

After all of this I was hit with feeling like crap again. Luckily there were some qualified staff members that could pretty much handle everything and I was able to go home early. Hopefully another nights rest will get me back to par and I can have a normal working day at the shelter where I can have the chance to do some showings and hopefully some adoptions.

Sorry for not writing sooner and I look forward to another day with some more excitement than leaving early. Thanks for reading and keep the comments coming!

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