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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not your typical Monday

It's always fun when you go into work thinking that you are going to be short handed when in reality everyone shows up and you are able to get everything on your plate handled. Well that was the morning in a nut shell. Initially I thought there might be just two of us to take care of everything but ended up having the full four, you want to talk about letting out a sigh of relief.

Now there was still a lot of cleaning to do since yesterday we were so short handed that just about none of the closing duties got done like taking out the trash or even cleaning the dishes. What this meant was that even though we had a full team but the time eleven rolled around everything still wasn't done.

After all the animals were taken care of and the morning chores signed off on one of our staff members headed home. I really don't blame them and in fact I was surprised to see them there in the first place having bronchitis and all. In any case, it was nice that they came in to help us out in the morning because if she hadn't come in we would have been playing catch up all day long.

I can't forget the weekly cleaning duty for Monday's, the dreaded poop buckets. Luckily the weather wasn't too hot and there were three of us to knock it out but no matter how much of a positive spin I put on it it's still doing poop buckets. In any case we were able to get it done pretty quickly and there was only one scary point when one of the staff members tossed a bag into the wagon and the thing ended up splitting open, not a pretty sight for the eyes or the nose.

Once I headed back to the office I was surprised at the flow of people that were making their way through the shelter. In fact as soon as I made it back I was called into a showing. It was with one of my favorite little guys Skeeter, a wiry little guy that has a great temperament. The showing went well and he ended up just lounging on his back and getting his belly rubbed the entire time. Unfortunately the woman still needs her roommate to meet and of course a rental agreement saying the dog is allowed. I was a little disappointed that I didn't see her back later in the afternoon but hopefully she will be back soon.

I ended up have one more showing with the same dog and the same reaction as I expected, the potential adopters absolutely fell in love with him, even with his Rocky Mountain fever, which took some explaining. I'm not going to go into details except that it is of course a tick bourn disease that if treated early gives the best opportunity for the dog. His titer was low so hopefully it was just exposure to the disease but he will have to be tested again in the future after his stint of antibiotics. Anyways, back to the showing, the showing went great but we still had to introduce our guy to their golden retriever. I thought everything would be good to go but the interaction wasn't what we were looking for. Their dog was a bit older and a little more laid back while ours is young and wants to constantly play. Anyways, after a few growls and a lot of ignoring it was decided it wouldn't be the best fit.

No adoptions today but at least we know what type of home would be best for our boy Skeeter. There were a few more showings with other adoption counselors but nothing that panned out. It was good to see that we were having the interest though and that gives you a sigh of release to know that it might take a little time but these animals will be adopted.

Just as an update, Wendy made it to her new home in Arizona and is now romping around with her older brother and sister. Just goes to show you that there is a perfect home for every animal. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments.

Anne, I just want to say thanks for all that you do and the heart that you have.

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