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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A nice pair of adoptions today

Being back to normal hours where the employees aren't staggered on their times is nice. What it means is that everyone works together to get all of the morning cleaning done and it really seems like it is happening faster and faster.

Today I worked with one of our new staff members, for some reason it seems like there is always one. We knocked out the south kennels and I was to train him on the little details that need to be taken care of when cleaning. The details aren't many but if they are not attended to some pretty nasty stuff can take place. The details included emptying out the drain filter that can clog very easily, making sure the garbage full of poo gets taken out, and of course the bleach water that holds our scoopers gets changed. All really fun stuff to do but if you miss a few days consecutively the flies and smells are a coming. Luckily the new staff member seems pretty in tuned with what needs to get done so I have no doubt it will.

Since we worked together we were able to take care of the kennels in record time and headed over to the rabbitat. With two people attending to the little bunnies it wasn't really even work. In fact we were even able to finish this a good hour before we opened. That meant it was time to take out the garbage, wash the dishes, and start the laundry. Surprisingly enough someone had already done most of that since they had finished up early as well.

With a solid staff on hand it seemed like I finally had some time to spend with the dogs, and that is exactly what I did. I hung out with Wendy, a doberman mix that has the attention span of a two year old. Luckily I brought a treat wheel that helps her focus on the food and work to get it. I was surprised at how much she calmed down after a few minutes. That's not to say that as soon as someone walked by she was up again jumping off the walls but at the very least we know that she can be calm in a stimulant free environment.

On to my first showing, it was with a woman that had apparently been in on Sunday with her husband to look at two dogs. They initially were looking at one but fell in love with her kennel mate. The unfortunate thing was that we didn't want to send the little guy they wanted to adopt home to household without another dog, mainly because of his timidness and antisocial behavior. I told this to the woman and she immediately made a call to her husband and shazaam, both dogs were going home. I was surprised to say the least and I hope I wasn't forcing two dogs on the family but when I saw her with the pair and how they acted I knew it was the right decision. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

My showing from yesterday came back today to do an interact with one of our dogs. Unfortunately she didn't want to see grandma Kelly again but she did want her dog to meet Reina. Now I wasn't part of the interaction but apparently there were no problems but just to make sure that it was a good fit the woman decided to take the dog home on foster for a night to make sure that it was the right fit. Hopefully come tomorrow when I am writing this blog I can tell you how wonderful of a fit it is and how our girl Reina got adopted. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!

Ending the day we took out the dogs for their afternoon break. Nothing too exciting except learning about my little friend Roy who tops the scales at about twelve pounds is an extreme climber. It looks funny at the time but really tells you how much he is in need of human contact. I need to make sure that he gets some special attention in the coming days, and just so you know what I mean by extreme climber, here is a picture of the little guy trying to get to his leash.

Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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