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Monday, October 19, 2009

Feeling like a Monday

It's been a while but today was definitely one of those days. Right from the get go I knew that today was going to be tough and unfortunately I was right. For some odd reason at the shelter the schedule lately has been a little screwy and on Sundays it seems we are short handed, really short handed.

I began as any other day by taking out all of the dogs for their morning breaks, this took a little longer than usual because every single kennel was full with at least one dog. Once all of the guys were out it was time to clean. Unfortunately more dogs means more messes and a whole lot of scooping necessary. Eventually everything got done and I was able to get the guys back up and fed just before opening.

I moved on to getting the dishes done when I realized that there were a few more than usual. That was because not only did we have about twenty extra for meds that were given out they actually didn't get done yesterday because the shelter was so busy. Needless to say I had some nice raisins for fingers once all of the dishes got washed.

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur of showings and daily tasks. At any given moment there was about three showings going on, now this is awesome but it makes for a difficult time if you don't have the staff to cover it all. Heck, even feedings which are usually no problem took me a solid hour with the barrage of questions I got from guests at the shelter.

Eventually all of the dogs did get fed and by that time we had to take them out for their afternoon break. Thankfully we had some hard chargers that took the lead and got the animals out while there were still more showings to be had. Before I knew it the clock read 4:15, there had been six adoptions and it was time to bring the dogs back up.

All in all it was a great day for adoptions, just not for me. I love getting the animals out of here but when you are too busy to realize that an adoption is taking place you really can't appreciate it fully. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it, I just wish I could have savored it more.

Well, that's about that, I appreciate everyone reading and I look forward to your comments. Oh yeah, the picture up top is an adorable cocker mix that we like to call a "second chance" dog.

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