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Monday, November 2, 2009

I have to keep telling myself I am not a people hater

Luckily today I got to work a little earlier than usual so I was able to sign up for the cats. Usually I won't say this but it was actually a lot easier and less stinky than taking care of the dogs today. It's a pretty simple philosophy, when we have puppies, make sure you sign up for cats.

I took care of the surrounding rooms in the cattery first and then made my way to the south cattery. I was really surprised to see so many empty kennels. Apparently in the last two days there was a total of about seven cat adoptions which is unheard of. In any case I was not only glad that so many great felines found new homes but that I had less cats to clean up after. I did however have to disinfect about six of the kennels which took some time. Once I finished with that room I headed over to the isolation room. With six cats in here I had my work cut out for me. Apparently one of the rooms broke with URI and that's why we have so many sickies. In any case, there was a whole lot of kitty diarrhea and I was wrong about having to clean up after puppies, it's a lot stinkier cleaning up after six cats with liquid poop.

I went back in to check out if anyone had signed up for the rabbits yet when a volunteer came in to ask for my help. It seemed pretty urgent from the look on her face, when I asked her what she needed I was a little surprised by what came out of her mouth. Apparently a black SUV had pulled up to the front gate and threw out several chickens. I couldn't believe my ears but then again very few things can surprise me at the shelter so I grabbed another staff member, a small cage and headed up to the front. Interestingly enough the chickens were very easy to catch and seemed very socialized. I talked to one of the witness and they said the vehicle came up, opened their door and simply threw the animals out. This is one of those instances that I have to tell myself that I am not a people hater. I mean, how difficult is it to either look online or even open a phonebook to see where you could actually drop off these animals. Rather than taking five minutes out of your day to think about animals you simply throw them out of your car and expect someone else to take care of your problem.

Oh well, we caught the chickens and got them some feed. They seemed pretty content and eating well and we at the shelter were almost tempted to keep them out of our sheer love for all animals. In any case, it wouldn't be feasible for them to stay here but luckily we found them a good home and they are now living with several other chickens who have the full run of about an acre. Good ending to a bad beginning for these little guys, it seems that's kind of a motif around here, starting tough and ending with a smile.

The rest of the day was pretty hectic and seemed to fly by. Another bonded pair of cats that have been at the shelter for some time got adopted and put the total for the last three days at close to ten. Funny how these things come in waves.

I was called to a showing with my girl Chloe, a sweet Jack Russel mix who was actually adopted out of the shelter about a month ago but was returned because of her destructive behavior. Of course the dog was left in an apartment for ten plus hours by herself with nothing to do, but I blame the dog right? Anyways, I am not a people hater. The family that came to look at her today had actually adopted a dog named Wally from us about two months ago and they were looking to add to their family. Immediately they fell in love with Chloe and it came down to the interact with the two dogs. When we all went down to the yard we couldn't believe our eyes, Chloe was playing like we had never seen her play. It was a perfect match and the adoption was a go. This is one that really puts a smile on my face.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I did get to spend some time with Copernicus and Bogey which will always put a smile on my face. I had a few more showings late in the day but the matches just weren't there. Hopefully the trend will continue for adoptions and these week we will empty out the place. Thanks for reading as always and I truly do appreciate the comments.

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  1. i'm a big people hater sometimes.. can't be helped! we seem to be capable of so much evil for no reason. just because we can.

    who throws out pet chickens from their car? as if they were garbage!! only humans are that heartless and mean.