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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank you for repairing the washer

Well, my last day in the kennel for the week and of course I sign up for the dirtiest job in the morning. I try to do it at least once a week so my nose stays used to the smell. What I am talking about is cleaning up after the dogs in our South kennels. As I have said before, it always varies which task is the messiest but right now I would have to say due to shear number it is our South side dogs.

After I fed the dogs and brought them back up from their runs it was already time to open. Of course I answered a few phone calls to the shelter because I really hate when it rings more than twice. After that I had to quickly finish time cards since I was already a day behind. Once all of that was done another staff member and myself got to cleaning. The day was slow so we decided to pull out the huge cat kennels and clean both the floor and windows behind them. I have to say this, even if you don't have any sort of allergies, today would be the day that they would come out. The amount of dust, cat hair, and pure dirt in the air was astonishing. I can't even remember how many times I sneezed because I was sneezing so much. Anyways, we only did one of the rooms because my eyes were so itchy I really couldn't put up with it.

While I was leaving the cattery I headed back to the laundry room to see if there was any progress on our broken washing machine. As I said yesterday, the stuff really piles up unless it is continuously running. Anyways, the repair guy was there and it turns out our drain had gotten clogged and that was the reason the machine was unable to finish a cycle. In all honesty I wanted nothing to do with this because I had a good idea of what it was clogged with. Well, luckily the guy fixed the clog quickly and soon we had the thing up and running again. Here is a picture of the mess that was made when the machine had to be drained.

Finally I had my first showing for the day. It was actually with a woman I had met earlier in the week who came back to see the same cat again. She was looking at a grey tabby who has been at the shelter almost as long as I have. When she first came in she wanted to adopt but because this cat has been here so long I didn't want her to rush into anything and have this cat come back to us. Luckily when she came in today she fell in love even more with Ella. I'm crossing my fingers her husband feels the same way and this special animal will finally get to go home.

My last showing of the day was with my favorite little kitty Muffy, the shaved down Persian. It was with a single woman who has dealt with the breed before. She absolutely fell in love with her just like every one else that meets her does. Even though she has dealt with the breeds before I still had to reiterate how much work this animals are, that and the fact that she still needs a dental. Even with all of that there was no way she wasn't going to adopt. It seemed like a perfect fit and the woman was so excited you couldn't help but smile. Another great adoption of another great animal.

Closing the day I got to see Sushi, our mange puppy mom, one last time because she came in for her altering surgery. She had quite a face on her after the procedure. I had to include a picture because it really does look like a human face. Thanks for reading everyone and thanks to all of the volunteers and animal care givers out there, you are making a difference.


  1. omg sushi looks like a goat or a lamb!! she has ears like my dog molly, they're like airplane wings!

  2. That's so funny, her adopters said the same thing, if you see her walk you would really think she looked like a goat :)