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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cats finding homes left and right

Today I got in a little early to make sure that I didn't have to clean up after all the new dog arrivals, call it lazy sure, but I also wanted to clean the cats so I could get to know all of the new guys, after all it has been about ten days since I even stepped into the cattery.

In the cattery I noticed the extremely large number of black and white cats. In fact I would say a good fifty percent were tuxedoes. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that there is anything wrong with having a certain type of cat in our care I just thought it was kind of funny to see so many that look so similar to each other. It was nice to be in there to get to know the little guys though because they all have such different personalities and of course it's some good info to know for potential adopters when they come in looking for a particular cat.

Once all of the cats were done I headed over to the rabbitat where I made quick work of changing out their bedding and feeding them some fresh hay and water. I was surprised to see how quickly it goes when you have a few less rabbits and your trying to speed through so your allergies don't get to you. Surprise surprise, after not doing this for a few weeks it seems my sneezes have returned.

After the cleaning it was time to give all of the mange puppies their weekly medicated baths. I figured why not since I hadn't really spent much time with them lately. Each bath consisted of putting some medication in their eyes so they would stay lubricated because you are bathing their entire head and bodies. Once that was done it was a good ten minute lather on each of them to make sure the medicated shampoo did it's job. It was a nice break from the rush of the shelter, not to mention I got all of these great pics out of it. My favorite is the one up top.

Later I got called to my first showing, it was with a bonded pair of kitties named Rabbit and Robin, could you guess that they were from the "R" litter? Now this pair is a special case that has needed that perfect home form quite some time now. Both initially were completely anti social and wouldn't allow anyone to touch them, in fact I have a nice scar from one of them. Anyways, we had moved the cats into our in and out room with several other animals and they seemed to come out to of their shell. They still are going to need a lot of work I told the couple and they could digress but after a good long time the cat lovers decided to adopt. It was a great feeling to know that these two were going to a home where the family's last cat lived to twenty. It was also nice to hear that they will be very patient with them.

While all of this was going on, three other cats were getting adopted at the same time. Another bonded pair which blew my mind and another cat that was housed with Rabbit and Robin. Not sure if it's something in the water but I am amazed at how many cat adoptions there have been lately. Hopefully we will have a run on some black and white ones now.

Closing out the day I went back to medical to see how the intake was going on the new arrivals. When I went in I thought they were shearing a sheep, it turns out it was just one of the little matted guys that had come in yesterday. The poor little guys had such bad mats that his ear was literally connected to his neck. Thank goodness our medical staff knows what they are doing because after they were done the little guy had the closest thing to a smile a dog could have.

Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to you comments.

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