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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting back in the swing of things

Starting off the day today I felt a little more comfortable in what I was actually doing after having so many days off. I began by once again taking care of the dogs which need a little extra attention today. The reason we needed to spend a little extra time with them was because we had the new "second chance" batch coming in later in the afternoon and we had to shuffle around a few dogs to make sure that we had room on our West side kennels to accommodate the new guys. The reason why we need an entire side of the kennels for these guys is to keep them almost quarantined away from the others because typically when they come from another shelter they have ether kennel cough or giardia, or all of the above.

Once everything was organized and clean it was time to hit the ground running. Mind you we didn't finish all of our morning duties until well after we had already opened our doors to the public. I never like it when I keep hearing the staff called over the P.A. system to help out a guest when we still are lugging garbage out. Luckily our front desk staff is pretty good at explaining a wait time for our customers.

After I finally got caught up it was already time to feed the puppies and kittens again. This was a surprise to me because it felt like I had just fed them minutes before. I have to say it's nice when your busy and the day seems to fly by. Once that was done it was time to help out in setting up the kennels for some new arrivals, ten of them to be exact. Initially there were only nine but when our behaviorist was leaving the other shelter a shepherd mix came in and she had to get him too.

In addition to setting up the kennels another staff member disinfected the fake grass yards that these dogs would be using for their breaks. I have to say thank you to them because I really was tired of walking around in wet socks so I was glad mine actually had a chance to dry today.

On top of all of this we were trying to play catch up with laundry. For some reason I didn't think that there was that much until I noticed one of the ISO kennels that was full to the ceiling with dirty blankets. Now I know what a postal worker feels like, it just never does end.

After all of this I can finally say I did poop buckets for the last time. Woohoooo! Since I am switching my schedule Monday's daily dues are no longer an issue, thank goodness. That is all I will ever say of the subject again...hopefully.

Closing out the day I helped with a few intakes of the silky terriers that were adopted out yesterday. I was able to talk to their adopter, in my horrible Spanglish, and explained that they would most like be able to go home on Thursday. The reason being is their teeth are horrible. So bad in fact that one will most likely need some extractions. The woman was very understanding and looking forward to bringing home her new additions. It really does put a smile on my face to hear the joy in people's voices.

I couldn't forget the new arrivals. They came in late and of course had their usually air of stinkiness to them. One was so bad that as soon as we get a chance he is going to have to be shaved down because he is completely matted. Overall though the group looks like a winning one and hopefully they all adjust well and make their way into their new forever homes sooner than later. The picture up top is one of the shepherd mixes and the one here is Mr. Dreadlocks as I like to call him.

Thanks for reading as always and I look forward to your comments.

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