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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some good news from our medical staff

After the morning cleaning and me trying not to look like a fool breathing through my mouth, combination of cold and allergies to rabbits and cats, it was time get the day going. I came in today with a renewed sense that whatever happens, we are here for the animals. When I actually think about it how could anything rile me up when all you have to do is sit down with one of these amazing creatures to realize that there are more important things to life than letting some person get to you.

Today being surgery day it was also health check day. There was some news that I was waiting on that was not only important to me but a family as well. Myself and another kennel staff member had done a showing with a recently available six year old yellow lab that is a sweetheart of a dog but there were some concerns voiced by our medical staff. One thing was that his teeth were worn down but the main thing was two lumps on his belly and leg. I informed the family that a needle biopsy was to be done and if there was anything unusual that we would have to send in a sample to the lab. From that point it could get bad and surgery would have to be done depending on the type of cells the lumps contained. Luckily though both came back as fatty deposits and he was able to go home today. It was so nice to see the family come back in and add this amazing animal to their family. It was also great to see the dog wagging his tail as I helped him in their car. All I know is is sure did put a smile on my face, not sure if I could have handled this one if it went any other way.

I hate to say it but the majority of the day I actually tried to steer away from showings. Not only was it my experience yesterday that kind of threw me but the amount of cold medicine I am on certainly doesn't put me at 100 percent. Luckily we had a full staff and some amazing animals so there was no problem in me focusing on cleaning today.

In the afternoon I worked with our behaviorist and our mange puppies. They are all looking amazing by the way, I'll try to get a picture to compare them to how they were. Anyways, they are available for adoption but need a lot of work. The fact that they are as good as they are with people is amazing but their social skills with other dogs is not up to par. What we did today was a slow introduction with a sweet heart named Buddy who doesn't correct bad behavior and is more of a softy than anything else. What are goal was to see if the mange puppies could calm down once they were away from each other. We took each one on a separate walk with Buddy and it turns out they can be little turds but they do calm down eventually. We decided to separate them in their own kennels and try to find them new play mates to get them socialized. Hopefully this will help and we still put them together during breaks, but they need more training to help them get adopted quicker.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures today but I'll try to get some tomorrow, when I'll be at the front desk preparing paperwork for animals to go home. I want to thank everyone for reading and also your comments, it really does help to know that there are more people that experience the same things I do here. Thanks also to all of the volunteers out there that really give the time these animals need.

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