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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From medical holds to adoption deposits

Well, I am back in the kennels for my two days a week and it is good to be back with the animals for a few days. I have to say, it's a little different dealing with different aspects of the shelter and after a few days I really do miss the interaction I have with the animals.

On with my day. Usually I clean the dogs but for some reason I went for the cats today. Cleaning them consists of pulling out all of their bedding, keeping it if it is somewhat clean (cats like to have their smells around them), replacing their litter and of course feeding them. You think that this task wouldn't take long but every once in a while our feline friends just aren't in the mood to be bothered. In those cases you sometime have to try to out think them, and I say try because it's not always possible. Usually what I will do is separate them into one kennel, clean their joined one and vice versa. Luckily we have the room to give most of our cats two kennels.

Once the cleaning was done it was right to business, laundry that is. I was amazed to see that for the most part it was all caught up. For the first time in a long time their wasn't a dedicated kennel just for over flow. The disappointing part was as soon as we get caught up the washer breaks down, that's usually how it works. Hopefully it well get back up and running soon because it is scary how fast that stuff piles up.

After all of this I was finally able to learn about everything that took place the last two days that I was off. I found out that my good buddy Falcon, who had been on medical hold for the past three weeks for several issues had been adopted. He was finally eating again and all of his blood tests came back normal. I guess the stress of being in the shelter can really effect these animals. The other dog I learned about was Mercury. I had a feeling this dog was going to be returned to us because I had spoken with the adopter while I was at the front desk last week. There was a tough situation at home and the family felt like they couldn't give the animal the attention that he needed because he is still fairly young. I have to say when I saw this little guy all grown up I was thoroughly surprised at what he looks like now. He is actually cuter than I thought. The good news about the whole situation is that he was well taken care of and I have no doubt that he will find his forever home very soon.

On to the big one. We have two Jack Russel terriers that are six and nine. Both were relinquished to us because the family had some serious health issues. The dogs are amazing but some concerns came early when we were doing their medical intake. It turns out one of the dogs has a very serious ear condition that is going to require a very extensive operation to basically remove it. Along with this her sister had a seizure while at the shelter and had to be transfered to our vet's office for further testing. It wasn't looking good for this pair until an amazing donor came by and basically offered to pay for the operation and adopt both the animals. It was one of those moments where you take a step back and say wow. It was so amazing to hear that these animals were not only going to get the medical care that they needed but also have a forever home together. It was one of those moments you say I am glad that I work hear to have seen such a good thing happen.

The rest of the day lingered on but I have to say I had a pretty big smile on my face the entire time. I did get a call back to the med room late in the afternoon and when I went back I saw my favorite cat Muffie getting a hair cut. Don't think we are doing this for our own amusement, the poor little Persian came in so matted that it was our only course of action. I have to say that if I was ever to take a cat home this one would be it. She actually comes when you call her name. Plus that little squishy face is so darn cute.

Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to your comments.

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