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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The rain keeps on coming

I guess I should start with our huskie returning sometime in the middle of the night. Not sure if she just wanted a night out or what but the size and number of fences that she had to climb was not an easy task. This was the first time this has ever happened since I have been at the shelter so approaching the problem was new as well. We did everything to make sure that if she was found she would male it back our way but who knew which direction she went or how fast she was running. Thankfully when I came into work this morning there she was covered in mud waiting for some attention. I really wish we could have seen through her eyes last night because all day today she slept which she never does. In any case, we are all glad she made it back and will not let that happen again.

Moving on with the day, of course it was raining again. Luckily the shelter has all of their contingency plans in place for days like today. From cleaning to getting the animals out to making sure everyone stays dry. Beginning with cleaning today everyone was able to knock everything out pretty quickly, mainly because there was no rain early in the morning. With that being said there was still a lot of wet yards to deal with and shuttling the animals into the fake grass yards was our only option.

Once all of that was done it was a day of trying to stay busy. There is always something that has to be done in the shelter but when you are soaking wet and cold the motivation sometimes just isn't there. Surprisingly though there were a few showings, mainly with cats but I even had one with one of our little mange puppies. I have to be honest, the calls and applications for cats have been a little annoying lately. The reason I say this is because the public learned about a litter of rag doll kittens that have been on foster for upwards of a month and that is all anyone is talking about. Talk about a hot commodity, I get calls every day asking when they will be available because we work on a first come first serve basis. I'm curious to see how tomorrow goes when the first batch goes up for adoption.

Moving on, I had a great showing with a man looking at our little mange puppies, who by the way are looking amazing. He had actually been in yesterday as well and brought his sister back today. He understood all the medical concerns but was still interested. The only problem was he couldn't decide between them. Hopefully he will be back again to take one home on foster.

Closing out the day I made my way over to the cattery again. I was checking things out and getting ready to lock it up when I saw some interesting liquid in one of the kennels. I informed our medical director and of course she asked how it smelled. When she said she was to stuffed up to tell I put my nose right over it and took a deep breath. Well ladies and gentleman, I no longer have a cold and was able to get the full effect of the worst smelling vomit/bad breath/bile I have smelled at the shelter to this point. Hopefully the little guy is O.K. because I was unable to hang around to find out.

As always thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to your comments.

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