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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not much happening here

Well, it's surgery day and that's about all that has happened today. Of course there was some cleaning and taking care of the usual chores. We did however get in a few dogs today that I'm sure we will be working a lot with in the very new future.

The two dogs that came into the shelter are the kind that you hate to see the most. One is a return that was adopted out last year. It turns out that one of the family members that owned the dog became very ill and are no longer able to care for her. It's sad in so many ways I can't even put it into words. It is almost ironic though that the day after Jr. gets adopted this one comes in. I think she is the female version of our recently adopted lab. Not only does she look like him she has the same dog reactive behaviors that he had as well. I know that in the future we will be spending a lot of time with her to get her acclimated to the shelter and of course do all that we can to make her more adoptable. Here is a picture of Lilly, or as I like to call her Juniorette.

Along with the return we also got in a new ASP dog. On top of a difficult situation for the dog it seems this one might be pretty hard on us as well. The dog is an unaltered male pit-bull that seems to have some problems with men. He seemed fine when he was brought in but the stress of the shelter seems to be having its toll on him. When I approached his kennel I never made eye contact but when I got within five feet or so he snarled and attacked the fence. I won't lie, my cheeks puckered up a little. Hopefully he will calm down in the next few days because having this animal at the shelter is not necessarily a safe thing for the staff.

Of course I did mention it was surgery day so you know I had to include a picture of one of our guys after being treated. The picture below is Bogey, one of my favorite dogs that might have Lupus. He went under so our medical staff could take a nose biopsy. As you can see they made sure he was very comfortable afterwards with his blanket and pillow. I just hope that we find out what's wrong with him so we can get this sweet guy adopted.

That's about it today. I do want to end on a good note that one of our cats got adopted. It was news to me but I always like ending on a good note. Thanks as always for reading everyone and know that each and everyone out there can do their part to help those that can't help themselves.

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