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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Staying late for a good reason

As usual, the day begins with a barrage of cleaning and of course a little bit of sneezing. I started with the cats and luckily we had a solid crew today so it was nice to have so many people helping out. Once the cats were taken care of I moved on to the rabbits where I soon realized that I still have a bit of an allergy for the little guys. After a few sneezes an a lot of tissue they got taken care of as well.

Without even noticing it though it was already eleven and the doors were open. It's always tough to tactically take out a wagon full of trash and poo while there are customers walking around looking at the dogs. Either way, the quicker you move the less you will effect their morning. With all of the morning chores done I finally had some time to spend with the animals. It has been quite a while since I was able to sit down with a dog and really spend some quality time with them.

I decided to sit with Beatrice, a shepherd mix that can be a bit of a spaz while in her kennel but once she calms down is truly an amazing animal. I sat with her in her kennel and she eventually just laid down next to me with her head in my lap and did not want me to stop petting her. Every once in a while she would hear a noise, get up to investigate and once she knew everything was good she would return for the pet session. I have to say it was relaxing to be able to do this for both me and the dog. Hopefully we will be full staffed again so we can have a little more time with the animals rather than being so stretched thin.

There were a few showings going on but no adoptions. I did have a truly quality introduction with Sprocket, our resident goofy boxer that seemed to go pretty well though. The family that came to see him actually have a female boxer at home along with two cats which to say the least made us think that this probably won't work. I went into it open minded though and once they met our little man they fell in love. In order to make it work though we still had to cat test him as well as introducing Sprocket to their boxer. The cat test was unlike anything I have ever seen before, not only was Sprocket not aggressive, he immediately went into a play bow. The really good part was he lost interest very quickly so as far as cats goes, he is good to go. Now on to the intro with their dog. Initially it was a little sketchy with their boxer growling Sprocket off. After we ran with them to get some smells in the air though they went ahead an "shook hands" and from there we decided to put them down in a yard. It was boxer heaven after that! The two were running around like maniacs and taking direction well from each other. Now all we have to do is get dad on board and the adoption is a go. Hopefully they will be back soon with the rest of the family and Sprocket can go to his forever home.

Now what would surgery day be without a picture. After the little guys get out of medical they typically are pretty doped up and usually have some pretty cute expressions on their faces. Today was no different, here is a picture of a cute little poodle that just wanted some comforting after his surgery. No matter how many times I see those eyes I just want to curl up next to them and keep them company.

Oh, I can't for get the picture up top as well. If you read earlier this week I talked about Mr. Burns and his overbite. Well ladies and gentlemen, there it is. You can actually see the roof of his mouth while it is closed. If that isn't one of the cutest things you've ever seen I don't know what is.

Back to the title of this blog. Late in the day our front office staff told me that we had gotten a call about Jack and Sweetie, our extremely long term bonded pair. She said he was heading here from quite a distance away and didn't know if he could make it in time. I said for these two it doesn't matter how late. Luckily though he made it well before closing and filled out an application for the pair. Everything seemed good except that he would be gone for most of the day during the week. Unfortunately these little guys were returned because separation anxiety after only five days of being adopted. I explained how they could become destructive and basically laid it all on the table. It's better to disclose everything than send these animals home just to get returned. Anyways, back to the story, he absolutely fell in love with the pair and said that he had been looking for an older bonded pair since March when his pooch went over the rainbow bridge. Even with the issues these dogs had he was ready to adopt. Luckily he has dealt with the problem before and also has a doggy door that will give them free access in and out of the home at their desire. In addition to that he is going to wait to take them home until Friday when he can have the entire weekend to get them adjusted to their new home and work on their issues a little before he heads back to work.

Before I knew it I looked at my watch and it was already well past closing time. I have to say I am thankful for the front desks help and dedication in staying late as well because they are just as happy to see this pair adopted as anyone else. Just cross your fingers and hope it works out because these dogs are amazing animals and they deserve only the best.

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