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Monday, August 24, 2009

So many adoptions it's tough to keep track of!

I really do love coming back from a few days off to learn that there are so many adoptions I have a tough time remembering who was actually here. You think that it would be a lot easier but with such a large group of new dogs that became available this past week they weren't in the shelter long enough to really get to know them. In addition to a lot of new dogs getting adopted, Kelly, our resident senior citizen that has ether been on medical hold or foster since March finally found their forever home. This was the big one that really stood out to me but also my good friend Tater who was returned last week was also adopted within thirty minutes of becoming available.

With all of the big adoptions I almost forgot the seven or so other adoptions that took place including my good pal Mr. Burns. The family that adopted him pretty much knew he was the one after spending a short five minutes with him. The other dogs that were adopted were part of the new batch from our second chance dogs as well as a few relinquishments. Whatever it was we were all happy to see so many dogs find their forever homes. Not sure if it's the economy getting better but for some reason this past week the adoptions came in waves.

On to today. I like being able to keep on my tennis shoes on Sundays, means that I am typically not using the hose which is fine with me. It does mean that I am cleaning the cats though. Usually it's pretty easy but boy does it stink when a cat does his business and you are in the room, especially when two cats do it! Luckily we are fully staffed and it wasn't a problem getting everything taken care of before eleven and the doors opened. Especially when there are already people lined up to come in.

I found out that yet another group of relinquished dogs that came in this past week were available today. There were some toy pure breeds along with a one year old Golden Retriever which was good reasoning for a line. It's always nice when you start out with so many showings. Sometimes it seems contagious in the shelter and five showings turn in to twenty.

Honestly I don't think that I can recount every showing but I do remember a few. My first was with a young married couple who wanted to see the little Yorkie that just became available. Unfortunately they were I think third in line and I had to explain that we are a first come first serve shelter. They were completely understanding and decided to look around at a few other dogs. They found another one that just became available named Peanut. She is a, surprise surprise, seven month old chihuahua mix. They absolutely loved her personality but wanted to go home and think about the big decision. Of course I saw them come in later on in the day and they decided to adopt. Nice to see a good dog go to a good home.

My next showing was with a cat and a father with his two sons. He had been in the shelter before looking for cats but felt it wasn't the right fit. It seems that they have a cat friendly dog at home so there is a limited amount of animals to choose from. Luckily we had three that could be a good fit for him. I showed him all of the animals, went back to the office, and learned of one more possible fit. It turns out it was a new cat to the shelter named Kingston. What a great temperament this little guy had and the family agreed. Of course mom had to come and meet and sure enough within the hour she was back with her checkbook and they decided to adopt.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful for me. There were a few more adoptions and of course the busy work of keeping the shelter running. I did however learn that very close to closing another of our long termers Cheyenne was getting adopted. She was a relinquishment about three months ago and has not had an easy life. If you want to talk about going home with a smile on your face this certainly did it for me. Great end to a great day of adoptions.

In closing I have found that when it rains at the shelter it usually pours. It can be a bad thing at times but this week it was certainly a good thing. I'm not sure if I have ever seen a week like this before weather I was volunteering here or working. Anyways, it is a week I will not soon forget and I will always be thankful for having so many great animals adopted. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the picture up top is a new "kitten". Really he is like four or five months old but he is still very young. He is a little temperamental but once he gets to know you he is an awesome animal. I was asked to name him on the fly during intake so the only thing I could come up with was Don. It ended up being Donald which I was fine with. Gotta love a cat named after a great man that doesn't even like them :) Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments everyone.

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