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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not really focused today

One of the many benefits of working at an animal shelter is the amazing veterinary care that you can get for your animals. Today I was lucky enough to squeeze in my dog for his dental. I have a smaller breed dog that typically has some dental problems so I knew that the process was coming. I am just thankful the medical staff was able to get my guy in today. Because the animal has to be anesthetized I was a little nervous today and tended not to think about anything but my sweet little guy.

Pretty much all day I would go in and check on my dog who's teeth ended up being a little worse than expected. Because of his age and the health risks that are associated with dental problems it was decided that there was a need for a few extractions. The good news was that his blood work came back perfect. The bad news was that my little guy was in so much pain when he was awaken I had a few tears in my eyes. Everyone that has a pet knows that they are part of the family and seeing him in pain was tough to bare. I know that it was for the best but I feel horrible that he had to go through it. I do have to say that the medical staff was amazing with him and it was nice that I was able to go in and actually see the process and know that he was being well taken care of.

I'm not going to lie, I really kind of forgot everything else that went on today because of my concern for my little man. I do recall, sort of, cleaning a lot and washing some windows. I did do a showing with a little poodle mix that has a heart murmur. The family was a little skeptical because they had adopted an animal about four months ago that ended up having a heart attack two weeks ago. I was surprised that they were still interested in Sweet Potato but they ended up having their veterinarian come up to the shelter to examine her. Hopefully it works out because I think the family would provide a wonderful home to our little girl.

The day came to a close and as I was helping bring all of the dogs back up from their last break there was a call over the radio for a kitten showing. I had assumed that someone had gotten it because there was no profile in the box. Of course I didn't think to look at the box next to it. The poor people had to wait for a good fifteen minutes but they were completely understanding. They ended up loving the little kitten and adopting her. It was tough though because the front desk not only had to process the adoption but a woman that had relinquished four kittens earlier in the week decided that she wanted them back. Of course they had just been through surgery to be spayed and neutered. I hope that we charged them some sort of fee because if they got away with an expensive surgery on us that is just wrong. Anyways, it was a hectic closing but I am glad that a little kitten got to go to a great home. And if you didn't already notice, that was a picture of my little son after his surgery, don't you just feel horrible for the little guy?

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  1. Ohh, his poor little puffy bottom jaw! I'm so happy he's doing really good now


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