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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny how time can fly by and stand still all in one day

Early on in my day it's pretty typical that the first four hours are usually gone before I even realize it. Today was the same with the reasoning that there is always a lot of animals that need attending, not to mention cleaning. Of course I try not to bore you with the details but in reality it's usually pretty boring.

I started with the south side dogs which were actually pretty clean. There were a few kennels that needed disinfecting because the dogs had ether been adopted or were being moved to more appropriate areas of the shelter. By appropriate I mean ether more space or less contact with other dogs for those residents that like to fence fight. I ended up getting all of the dogs back in by about 10:30 with a little help from some volunteers and since we were short handed once again I headed over to the rabbitat. Luckily no allergic reactions today and I was able to get it all done in a reasonable amount of time. I thought we were ahead of schedule but it had slipped my mind that there was a rabbit in ISO that needed to get cleaned up. Before I knew it the doors were already open and the kennel staff was getting calls over the loud speaker since none of us had radios yet.

I had a few showings today but only one really stood out. It was with our girl Lucy the pit mix puppy. I hate being a pessimist but whenever I go into one of these showings I really do speak up about the negative behaviors that this animal has. Particularly her lack of bite control. I hate to do it because I really do just want her to get out of here but you have to let people know how serious it is and how much work she is going to need. In reality though I think the showing was just a mother that brought in her two daughters and their three friends to play with a puppy. In the end the family was very nice and you can never assume that they were here just to hang out but if they do adopt at least they know how much attention, effort, and patience this dog is going to need.

After this showing the rest of the day just dragged on and on. Luckily there were some animals that needed hanging out with. I spent some time with our animal safe house dog who should be going home soon as well as some of my favorite cats in the cattery. While with the cats I realized that they all had some swelling along with some missing fur. It turns out that my three favorite cats that live together all have food allergies and are on a strict diet of duck and pea food. There are signs posted everywhere for no treats ect. but somehow they must have all snuck one in. The poor things looked horrible but our vet staff is taking care of it and they should be back to normal soon. Here is a picture of one of them.

That's about it for today. Pretty uneventful on my end but there was a dog named Duke who had been in the shelter for some time that got adopted. Not sure of the family but it was good to see the little guy go home. I'm also glad he is out of here because he was one of the peeing leap frog players that literally pees ten times on every corner when you take him down to the yards. In any case, he has found his forever home and that's what makes this day a good one. Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow Tails from an Animal Shelter on google and facebook.

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