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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why Not?

It's pretty simple when you think about it. Things in this country have changed and we must adapt in order to survive. My story isn't any different from many of yours, the only thing that I have changed is my perception on what work really is.

It begins about two months ago when I was laid off. Some think that is a terrible ordeal when all I take it as is an opportunity to reevaluate what "I want to be when I grow up". When I am asked what I "did" for a living I usually replied "as little as possible". I look back on that now and realize that all I was doing was getting a pay check. When you are forced to deal with loosing that security you really contemplate what living is in this country.

Now don't get me wrong, I miss my financial freedom and all of the fringe benefits that went along with doing the jobs that I have done. And don't think that I didn't try my hand many times over applying for those big paying careers. I think my confidence level really sank when I was turned down for a job at Starbucks. Hey, competition is tough and we got to do we have to do in these times. That's when I saw a posting on Craigslist for a kennel attendant at my local humane society where I volunteer.

I have taken a part time position at the shelter in hopes of helping the community, myself, and of course sharing my stories with you. Times are tough, we all might as well take a step back, look at our goals in life, and try to make a worthwhile impact on this planet for our children. I look forward to hearing everyone's comments and maybe even sharing some stories.

I have always had a passion for animals and the benefits that having a pet can have. Growing up with dogs I probably have a little bias for them but in general all animals can play a role in our happiness and overall well being.

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