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Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 2 - Feeling the Groove, Kinda

Today seemed night and day from yesterday. From a go go busy-ness that never seemed to end to finishing work early and getting a little more time to spend with the animals. Even after one day I feel like this is going to be a good fit. Mind you my muscles are sore and my shoes do stink, but all part of the job.

The morning was pretty uneventful with a cleaning of the kennels (not as intense as yesterday, pretty much just getting all the poo and pee out then rinsing with the hose). I need to remember to bring my ipod for this. A little music would surely take my mind off of the smell until I get used to it. From there came feedings, dry food in the morning with a few special diets, and requests from the dogs. One beagle won't eat out of metal bowls so she has to get her food in a plastic one. Then there are the dogs that inhale their food and need the meals stuffed in rubber balls to slow them down. And of course you can't forget the puppies that need their calories.

After this was all finished I felt pretty at ease with all of the volunteers helping out bringing the animals back to their temporary homes. Then it was off to the rabbitat to change the bedding and add some more hay. Not sure if it's the rabbits or the hay buy my nose was literally dripping snot. I hung in as long as I could and finished the job but I don't think my nose has been like that since the CS chamber in boot camp (some of you know what I'm talking about).

While I was taking a short break in between laundry and dish duty someone brought in a stray. A beautiful wimeriner that seemed well fed. No collar and a chip that was not registered led us to call county. I have to say that anyone that does not take advantage of the chipping system is asking for this to happen. A simple phone call and update on some records can help a lost pet find it's home and keep it from the stress of shelters. Usually though with these full bred breeds there is more of a chance that a rescue will pick them out of county and help them find their forever home.

Another person brought in an adorable 10 week old puppy (relinquishment) stating that the dog just didn't get along with their current dog. My thoughts on this are simple, it's because you haven't given them enough time together or your first dog is too under socialized. The big concern now is getting the puppy socialized which is tough to do in the shelter setting. Hopefully we can get his health cleared so we can star mingling him with the other dogs.

After all the excitement there was a scare with one of the cats in the cattery. A whole lot of eye build up and just a sad looking animal. I was given some warm water and some gauze pads and had some time to wipe the gunk away and make the animal feel a little more comfortable. Hopefully today she is doing better but the Vet will be here so I am a little more at ease.

Almost closing time. I was asked if I was afraid of needles and said only if they are going in me. Then one of the other kennel staff took me into the medical building and introduced me to a special cat that had been heavily neglected in it's previous home. She had diabetes and lived in the office now. She seemed very content but still required daily injections to treat her condition. It really is amazing how much care is in these walls.

As the days (all two of them) move on I am slowly feeling more and more comfortable in my surroundings. The love and appreciation that is here amazes me and the dedication and hard work is nothing short of a miracle. People are good and animals help bring that out. Don't forget to visit your local shelter and see what you can do to help.

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