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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday Funday

Of course another day beginning with scrubbing some puppy poo. I wonder if I will ever become immune to the smell. Once the scrubbing and rinsing were done we moved on to the morning feeding, mmm dry kibble. I can't forget the special meals for those guys that either need to gain weight, are puppies, or need to eat their meals out of kongs to slow their inhaling eating manners.

Ahhh, time to relax. It seems that Monday's you can be pretty efficient in what your doing even when someone goes home sick. We took care of all the morning duties pretty fast and had some time to sit with the dogs. I chose the one that seemed the saddest. I sat with him for a while scratching his ears until he rolled over on his back and wanted his belly rubbed for the next half hour. I think you can tell when a dog is smiling.

As the day progressed it seemed like the usual, just at a slower pace. Less laundry to do (still backed up though), and more time to clean. Of course the propane for the dryer ran out though and I learned how to light the pilot light and switch the tiny gas tank that runs the ever important soiled bedding room. I was told the gas usually runs out every day and you have to either shake it or replace it. Good to know.

Aside from the usual things there were a few new things I saw. Some of the medical staff was on property weighing and examining some of the animals. They were also putting the list together for Tuesday's operations (spays, neuters, and a urinalysis). They also had to draw blood on the new arrivals and make sure they didn't bring anything into the shelter.

Sweet, a volunteer brought in brownies for the staff. I have failed to mention earlier that just about every day there is some sort of sweet thing brought in for the staff. Even though this is a physical job I need to watch it because there is always something delicious to eat hanging around the kitchen.

The day progressed as usual with afternoon feedings, more laundry, some well spent time with the animals and another relinquishment. This guy was so frightened it broke my heart. He had no idea what was going on or where he was at. He was so well behaved that I have no idea why someone would give him up. I finally got him into his area, made sure he had lots of toys and then loaded him up with some food and a huge bone. He would sit and stay waiting patiently for it. Hopefully he won't be here long and we can find his forever home sooner than later.

It seems that I started by climbing the roller coaster on Saturday and have been letting gravity pull me along these past couple of days. I began with such a hectic and crazy day that the normal days seem pretty easy going. I love it because I get to pay special attention to those animals that are having a tough time dealing with their environment. I do have to say, I would like more animals to be adopted because it is amazing how close you can grow to them.

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