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Friday, April 24, 2009

A whole lot of...poo

Working on Thursdays is a little unusual for me. However this week we were a little short handed so I volunteered it up. Well, I pretty much volunteer to work any additional hours because I have to be honest, the pay is starting to get to me. I am not complaining by any means but I am willing to work extra hours to make ends meet.

The big difference in today is for one, there isn't non stop showings and there aren't the weekly cleaning duties that are taken care of on Mondays. I have to say there is a lot of time to take care of the animals and do some special things for them but there is a lot of free time on these days. I'm sure that there are those busy Thursdays but today wasn't one of them.

What to do when everything "maintenance wise" is taken care of at the shelter? You start giving baths. We decided to bathe our "soup can" lab mix that we had been talking about for a while. I call her soup can for the simple fact that she is so overweight that her body is comparable either to condensed milk or Campbell soup. The good news is she has lost some weight since being on her diet here at the shelter, the bad news is she still tops the scale at about 100 pounds. I really don't believe that though because when we lifted her into the bath she was quite easy to get up there. The poor girl hadn't had a bath for at least two months and once we were done you could see the smile on her face. Because she was so pretty now we decided it was time to show her off at the front desk. It is where we will cycle out some long term and stressed out animals in order to give them a little quite time and also some added exposure to the public when they enter the shelter.

Aside from the bathing experience today was pretty routine. I got covered in poop right from the get go when two puppies jumped all over me after running in their own mess for about five hours. We got laundry all caught up for the most part. We had another dog relinquished that I was ready to take home today (he looks like a giant schnauzer or some sort of hound. We also had a rabbit brought in that I wanted as a new pet as well (except my dogs would probably eat it). The little bunny looked more like a dog than anything else. He was solid white and had super long hair. If I wasn't so allergic and have sighthounds at home I probably would have had a new pet today.

With a day of tidying up and spending some well desearved time with the animals it was time to call it a day. I kind of enjoyed haveing the flexiblity to do some dog washing and spend some quite time with the animals. It was quite a difference from my normal Saturdays and Sundays when the time flies by and before you know it dogs are gone, your feet are soar, and half the time you don't even know who all got adopted.

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