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Monday, April 27, 2009

A few more long termers

It's a comforting feeling when you go into work and you know that there are enough staff members to cover the shift. You always assume that is how it is going to be but when you realize and experience being shorthanded you really appreciate the extra help.

Beginning with cleaning the dog kennels as usual it was a little different after that. Usually I have been taking care of the rabbits trying to get over my allergic reactions but today it was on to the cattery. I try to steer away from the cats just for the simple fact that the smell is just one that I am not used to. I guess the more I do it the easier it will become. It is nice to interact with those animals since I have been focusing on dogs about 90% of the time. I do have to say that there are some really nice felines in our care, along with a few not so nice ones, well, really just one. There is one new guy that is still very uncomfortable in his new surroundings. Luckily he was in a good mood today and just swatted a few times rather than biting. After mopping up and taking out the trash it was 11 o'clock and time for business.

The flow of people today was certainly less than yesterday but still a lot of showings which is always good to see. No matter it there is an adoption or not is it nice to have people coming in to see our animals looking for the right fit. My first showing was with a wonderful lab that was part of a group that was brought in about two weeks ago. The couple had been in prior to today looking at a few other dogs but just didn't find the right animal for them. Today was a little different. They initially wanted to look at a puppy but because of their profile information it wouldn't be a good fit because they were planning on leaving the animal outside when they weren't home and it is our policy to not send puppies into that situation because they need constant supervision and training. So on to the other dog they were interested in, a sweet guy that seems to love everyone. After a good hour long interaction and lots of information exchanged it was a go. I am glad that they waited for the perfect fit and can go home today knowing that was a good adoption.

While all of this was going on there was another showing with two little guys that have unfortunately been in the shelter for quite some time. There are a few reasons the dogs have been here so long, one is originally the dogs were part of our ASP program and were under foster until the owner had to relinquish them. Another reason they were here so long is because we were sending them home as a bonded pair. There is no doubt that if we had split them up they would have been adopted earlier but because they were a little older and had grown up together we have put all of our efforts into getting them adopted together. Thank goodness today we found a loving couple that fell for the cute duo. High fives were going around the shelter like they were going out of style. Finding these guys a new home is what this job is all about. It also shows how patience can really pay off.

Later in the day I had another showing, or really a denial, with one of our older guys. Don't get me wrong, I would have love to send this animal home and the adopter was a good person but because he wanted to keep the dog outside it disqualified him for this particular animal. Our guys have very special needs and if everything doesn't fit accordingly we do not adopt. Hopefully the family will check back soon because I know that eventually we will find an animal that fits his needs.

With some adoptions in the books it was time for afternoon feedings and making those special diets for the overweight dogs. After all of the feedings the dogs were taken out for their breaks. While bringing all of the dogs down there were a couple more showings that need attending too. With a nice ending not one of our second chance dogs was able to find a home. She can't go home quite yet but as soon as she as spayed she can head out.

Another day in the books I can go home today with a sense of accomplishment. Sending home animals to the right homes is such a good feeling you tend to forget about all of the guys that are still out there. There are so many animals that aren't lucky enough to make it into a shelter it is pretty disheartening, but the more you can save the better. Once you realize that you can only do so much you focus on the animals at hand and hope that by educating others on the need to spay, neuter, and adopt you can hope that eventually as time goes on this overwhelming problem of over population can fix itself.

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