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Monday, April 6, 2009

2nd Chance Day

Walking into work today I had a good attitude about it all after having my first adoption yesterday. Even when I was told it was time to disinfect the south kennels I did it with a smile. So after getting all of the dogs down to their yards it was time to get scrubbing, or at least hosing. I paired up with our kennel supervisor to get it knocked out and knock it out we did. I couldn't believe how fast we got it done, she scrubbed while I hosed and disinfected. Before I knew it the task was done and there was still an hour before we opened.

After the morning cleaning it is always nice to knock out the necessary stuff early. Especially on Mondays when the once a week duties are assigned. Those are the ones that you are glad to get out of the way as early as possible. With my rubber gloves on and about 15 garbage bags, another staff member, and myself headed down to the yards to change out the poo buckets. It's not that this is such a horrible thing, but the monotony of walking into all of these yards and simply changing a garbage bag that reeks of poo gets a little boring after about the fifth one. I'm just glad that we got it out of the way early.

Poo buckets out of the way it was time to get the laundry started and the dishes soaked. An easy task when you have as many staff members working on it as we did this morning. Just like sanitizing the kennels earlier the rest of the cleaning was knocked out without a problem. Before I decided to take a break and eat some chocolate cake I wanted to wash the windows in the cattery just so everything on our checklist would be signed off. Plus it is such an easy job I like to get to it before someone else does. I know, I can be a little lazy at times but putting in my headphones and washing windows is kind of like doing the laundry. A nice little zen time to myself.

Moving on in the day, a cat showing came up and I jumped at the opportunity after the feeling I got yesterday finding a great family a great pet to go home with them. As I read over the bio of the adopters they seemed like a great couple in their mid sixties that shouldn't have a problem getting approved for their new pet. Before I took them to see the cat they initially asked for I took them to see a few others just so they could get a feel for the different behaviors that some of our little guys have. I did this because the cat that they were looking at was a little aloof and usually showed no attention to anyone in the room. Even though this was the case they really fell in love with the little calico girl. I spoke with them for about half and hour and found a loving couple that had just put their corgi down and decided they couldn't have another dog. They felt that this cat (who's future name would be Fido) was the one that chose them and they wanted to take her home. Everything was good but we just needed to get a rental agreement from their landlord since they were renting. Luckily we were able to get that individual on the phone and get the agreement that way. Fido found a new home and we are all happy to say that it seems like a perfect fit. I finally get to feel the pleasure of finding homes for our little animals. It is such an uplifting thing and makes me want to come back for more.

Luckily I know I will have the chance again. Today was the day for our second chance dogs that were rescued from another shelter. This time there were ten new dogs coming in which meant more guys to find homes for. Like the laundry though, even when you think you have made a dent in it there comes an influx of more. I can see why this could get pretty depressing but you have to do what you can. The good thing about it is that this shelter educates the people. The more people know about over population of dogs and cats the better chance we have of saving these animals. It kills me to see all of these poor little animals with sagging stomachs that end up in our shelter. People need to take responsibility and get it done, otherwise the states will make sure it gets done for you. Now that is one law I am down for.

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