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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I was ready to go home ten minutes after I got here!

I know I have written about these sort of days before but today I really got my buttons pushed. I will apologize in advance for my venting session that is about to take place. To begin with I usually get to work right around 20 minutes early and just hang out and read a little, however when I came in today I was told we might be short handed and was asked to clock in immediately. I obliged since it meant an extra amount of money and I got to work. I helped bring all the dogs down to their runs and proceeded over to the cattery for my assigned cleaning. It was kind of funny because we were completely out of kitty litter and we were told to scoop the non scoopable litter and we would be getting in fresh stuff this afternoon. Once I was finished with that I noticed that we weren't that short staffed but cleaning was still moving pretty slow so I went ahead and took care of our sick little Harry in ISO. It was amusing to me that while I was doing this our med staff approached me and gave me a lecture about parasites in urine and how the litter needs to be changed in the kittens boxes. Thanks for the info! I am always willing to take direction but today I had a very short fuse. I did listen and understand the concern. Anyways, moving on, thank goodness the rabbits were already being attended to but I went in and helped finish them up.

After all the animal cleaning I went in to get the dishes started. Right when I was about half way finished we got called back to the office for our bi-monthly meeting. Pretty standard stuff when our president let us know that we will be staying open an hour later for about the next three months. I think that it is a great idea to help increase adoptions and allow the individuals that work to have the opportunity to come in later on in the afternoon. My only concern is that we had a whopping 21 hour notice that the hours we have always had will be changing and rather than starting at 8:30 and leaving at 5 I will be fluctuating between going in earlier and later on specific days and leaving accordingly. I understand why we are making the change but a little more notice of when it would take affect would have been appreciated.

So once the meeting was over I went back to finish the dishes. When I returned to sign off for them I noticed everyone taking a break when there were still morning duties that needed to be done. Rather than sit down I figured I might as well knock them out (not the people but the tasks). So I took out all of the shelters garbage and did a load of laundry. Finally, it was time to take a breather and figure out how this schedule is going to work out for me.

Next I went over the "weekly do's" list and noticed that cleaning the cattery was the job for today. Of course when I asked for some help the two people that were there were ether on lunch or leaving early for the day. I figured what the hell, I can't do showings today so I might as well throw on the headphones and get some cleaning done. I did everything from scrubbing the floors to vacuuming out the tracks in the sliding doors. I do have to say it actually smelled pretty good compared to normal. When I finished it was already 2 so I figured now would be a good time to go to lunch when I realized that two other people were already eating so I would have to wait until they were back. Now I'm trying not to complain but I am rather trying to explain why everything just seemed to be pushing my buttons today.

Since I wasn't able to eat after being at work for six hours I figured I might as well take care of all of the dirty crates that needed to be dissinfected. The good thing was there wasn't that many of them, the bad part was on two separate occasions the nozzel popped off and completely soaked my pants and shoes. Luckily the second time it did it there was a staff member there that understood what I was going through and shut the hose off. I thought it was some divine intervention since I had my back turned and I was trying everything to get the nozzel back on without getting soaked.

After yet another load of laundry I was finally able to eat. At least the day is almost over is all I could tell myself. I was a little dissapointed that I wasn't able to do any showings today and basically be the grunt worker but it was nice to spend some time with Harry and see how well he is improving. Thanks for reading the vent session everyone and I will go into tomorrow with a better outlook on the day. Heck it is my Friday! Just wanted to add that I will also be working this Saturday since it is a holiday and no one else would work it for me, woo hoo.

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  1. I know how you feel! I have had some days like that. I also would have liked a little more advanced notice about the hours changing. I am sorry I couldn't have been more helpful. I hope yesterday was better.


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